Slow, or sick?


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Mar 24, 2018
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We have a male Testudo Hermani, a bit shy of 60 years old. He’s been in my husband’s family since 1964. He usually hibernates for a month or two in a cold closet, and wakes up in January or February, which is just what he did this year. So he’s been up and active about 2 months. He is eating normally, peeing and pooping normally...but while he’d normally be running around like crazy — he’s generally loose in the house (we’re working on a set area for him) — he’s mostly sleeping. He sleeps in a closet, and he’ll come out in the morning, eat for a while, sunbathe a while (when there’s sun), and then go back in the closet. We’re putting him in water several times a week (which is what we’ve always done).

So most of what is happening is totally normal - except that he’s not climbing up windows, running around looking for shoes to mate with, etc., and is instead going back into the closet by early afternoon most days (normally it would be more around 5 or 6pm). He smells fine, and looks fine, so we’ve no idea if we should be worried or do anything.


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