Things my leopard tortoise can eat?


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Jul 19, 2017
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Hi guys,
I am looking for some advice really. I am due to bring my little Quinn (leopard tortoise) home on Saturday. But I am getting really confused with different websites saying different stuff they can eat. I know dandelions are one thing. And cuttlefish for there beak. But I am really looking for some foods that people know are safe for them to eat.

Many thanks

Greg T

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Aug 8, 2008
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A basic diet that I provide my babies is chopped spring mix lettuce (remove the spinach) and alternating red or green leaf lettuce. Use this as base and mix in other treats like some weeds, flowers, even a little fruit occasionally. Add some moist Mazuri food a few times a week and they will grow well. In addition, get them outside in sunlight at least once a week for minimum of 30 minutes to get some Vitamin D and help their shell develop stronger. Tom gave you a good list of other foods you can feed too.

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