Tortoises Sick


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Mar 5, 2022
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Update: We took them to the groomer today and got them checked out, basically its either a minor problem or a major problem. At the vet, he gave them a steroid shot and a antibiotic shot because he thinks its most likely allergies. The major problem is that he might have a brain tumor. He said why he's hiding with his head upwards is before its like a headache. So its basically like holding your hands on your head when you have a headache, but for him, its holding your head up on his shell. Besides that, he said he's a super healthy tortoise. Last night, we used a qtip and some veggy oil to let him get his head out of his shell, and it worked. So he ate last night and has been pooping today. When it was time for him to go to sleep last night (he had his head out for a few hours) , he went back in his shell.

Just wanted to keep you updated! Hoping its just allergies.