sick tortoise

  1. R

    Over Weight Sulcata

    Hey Everyone, My sulcata just turned 1 and he was super normal and healthy. Then all of a sudden, within like a week or two he got a really fat neck kind of like a double chin, and his bottom seemed fatter. The only difference in his diet was we started giving him Rep-Cal tortoise food, as a...
  2. littletortie

    My juvenile red foot tortoise won't open her right eye. What could this mean? Advice appreciated!

    Hi everyone. I just got this red foot juvenile last week. (see pictures) She seems quite shy (which is understandable since she's in new surroundings) but she won't eat much. She eats about the size of her head. Is that normal? Also, she isn't active. She's only hungry at night it seems...
  3. SJTort

    Help!! (Trouble Breathing?)

    I just got home from a work trip and my little guy looks bad! Right? Open mouth, labored breathing. Eyes look flat. I’ve had that same person watch him previously, but I would love a confirmation of my suspicion that he is sick please.
  4. T

    Sick Sulcata - Needing Help Fast

    Hello, We are new here, but are needing some help with our baby sulcata tortoise who isn't doing well. My boyfriend and I purchased a tortoise, who is named Rocky, in May of this year, and was told that he was 8 weeks old (making him 4 months old now), and he seemed to be doing fine up until...
  5. S

    Help, tortoise keeps making a strange quack noise

    Hello so my 5 month old leopard tortoise keeps making sound throughout the day and at first I thought it might be a bit of an infection but he doesn’t sneez, doesn’t have a reduced appotite or bubbles coming out of noise. He makes a clicking sound when eating and seems to open his mouth wide...
  6. dzzxmm1919

    3yr old leopard tortoise severe intestinal gas/constipation. Please help!

    Hello tortoise lovers. This is my first post about my 3 years old leopard tortoise, Strong. My husband has already posted her basic information on another thread: We took her to a vet immediately when...
  7. R

    Tortoise not eating / freaking out

    Hi everyone, Rowdy the Russian tortoise is about seven years old now. Everything was fine up until a three days ago when I noticed he started ramming the walls and decor in his enclosure. I thought this was odd so I looked closer and he was walking around with his head sucked in his shell. I...
  8. Chicken

    Tortoises Sick

    My yellow footed tortoises has recently been sick. Jerry's (girl tortoise) eyes were filmed shut. I washed it head under warm water and opened one but the other is still shut. Noses are full of snot and she's shaking when she walks. Haven't seen her eat or poop. Garry's (boy tortoise) eyes are...
  9. K

    Has been on antibiotics for 6 days and hasn't pooped in the past 3 day.

    Hey Everyone, Just wondering if anyone had some insight on how RI and antibiotics affect a Greek Tortoise. My little one is about 4 (we think) and has a RI. I took her to the vet and got her checked up and got 10 days of antibiotics. I have been soaking her every morning and feeding her as...
  10. M

    Sick Horsefield Tortoise - Is he hibernating or sick?

    Hello everyone! I have a 2 year old horsefield tortoise named Newton. Over the past three weeks he has completely stopped eating and is sleeping all the time, only waking up if pestered enough (which I don't want to do) but then going straight back to sleep when putting him back down again. Due...
  11. D

    Roughly 4 Month old Sick/Refusing to eat Redfoot!

    Hello, this is my first post but I've been reading this forum religiously for months now. Unfortunately my first post is a very sad one, I purchased 2 baby redfoots which I recieved on Sept. 30, I was told they were roughly 3 months at the time and they weighed in at 68.5 & 63 grams. When I...
  12. K

    Russian tortoise swollen leg

    Hi all, i have a Russian tortoise for about 5 years now and this is the first time something is wrong with her. Today I discovered that her left leg is swollen and has a small red mark. I took her to the vet but he didn’t really know what was wrong. It could have been a bite (she is currently...
  13. A

    4 months still wet nose ?

    He is spike Less than 1 year Old baby Indian star tortoise, he has wet nose since 4 months now. His nose was completely blocked by mucus at the start of this sickness, then I decided to increase the enclosure temperature at 95 to 100°f..... Now his nose is not blocked by mucus but watery...
  14. D

    Tortoise Help - Is my tortoise sick?

    Hi guys! So i have a tortoise that lives in my garden ( soil there is no grass atm) Anyways my tortoise is active and very fast! but recently (4 days ago) she started sleeping for too long! like a day and half at the same spot, while sleeping her head isn’t completely inside. In the last two...
  15. ashleymiller28

    Young Sulcata has URI, should I bring her to the vet?

    Hello, about a month ago I took my sulcata to the vet and she prescribed her ciprofloxacin to be taken orally every other day over the course of two weeks. As my tortoise finished up her medicine, she began to go back to normal (being very active, eating and going to the bathroom regularly)...
  16. S

    Is my tortoise sick or in deep hibernation?

    Hi everyone, I have just joined today. I have had a horsefield tortoise for about 12 years or so, yesterday I went to check on him and noticed his shell was red in places and his limbs were limp and his eyes look a bit sunken in. He doesn't seem to be reacting to anything and was just wondering...
  17. A

    Attacked by bearded dragon

    Baby tortoise I got handed to me.It was attacked be bearded dragon then stopped eating...I told them stop and I'll be over to get it.
  18. L

    Possible infection?

    Hi! So I found my desert tortoise upside down in her enclosure 2 days ago over her poop, her shell and head were completely covered in it, I turned her and put her in water and cleaned her with a napkin, still, two days later I am STILL seeing poop all over her, I just put her in water and...
  19. G

    I think my turtle is sick Help please

    Hello I have a baby sulcata tortoise, He’s about 2 months old now. Lately he’s been acting very lethargic, barley eating, sleeping a ton. Also his shell has went from like a light green to a darker green. About a week ago or so he had bubbles coming out of his nose but they were clear. As of now...
  20. M

    HELP URGENT gasping for breath

    Hi-- I have a eastern Hermanns that's almost a year old. Its been doing well I've had it two months now eats really well is active running around the whole enclosure-no problems. Tonight he came out of his hide suddenly when normally he's fast asleep (he will typically go to bed around 5 and...