When to put tortoise outside UK


Sep 17, 2017
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Hi I have an 8 year old marginated male tortoise. He has a 2m by 1m tortoise table setup in doors with a mercury vapour lamp. He also has a large run in the garden full of weeds and plants he can eat. But the problem I have is it's now May and hes only been outside for maybe 10 days in total this year so far. I only want to put him out when its warm because I obviously dont want him to get Ill. I think I'm probably be way to cautious. My question is what is an okay temperature to put him outside in? And how sensetative are marginated tortoises to cold? Because him being inside all the time just isnt right


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Mar 12, 2018
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Suffolk, United Kingdom
@JoesMum I think is a good person to answer this one. She have written some good posts about keeping a tortoise outside in the UK and how to let them live outside in a heated kennel etc. I’ve tagged her and hopefully she will link you to her posts as it afraid I can’t do it on my phone.

But I agree with you, it’s sad when they hardly get any outside time, I think there are ways to keep your tortoise outside with the right heating.

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