Youngster habitat, etc.

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Dec 5, 2007
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Since I have a space/building dedicated to the collection of "turts & torts" I can control the temps, etc. much easier - " ... my closed habitat is just much bigger is all ".

Until today the 2018 ~ 2016 have been over the adults in a 43" x 18" tub with a hinged lid [ which was folded over ]. Here you can see before I took it down and prepare for a space next to adults.

And an overhead - uncovered and covered - see them huddled up in the corner this morning!

And still "smooth" after all these years ---

Early 2018.. ( these are the somewhat rare Bolivian locale )..

A 2017 hatched.. not quite 3.5" SCL.. ( asleep )..

And a 2016 hatched about 4" SCL - again I grow them slow.. note consistent growth..

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