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  • Hey Josh! I’m hoping to buy a tortoise in the next couple of days, an Ibera Greek male:) and I am soooooo excited! And can’t wait to post pictures!! Glad to be part of the family!!
    Thanks Josh. We adopted two tortoises in June. Since we live in Antelope Valley area, our shelter is insulated for the cold/heat . Our problem is it’s staying to warm for my torts to want to hibernate or maybe it’s still to early. We have 2 1/2 acres so we want them to hibernate outside if possible. We aren’t sure if we need to dig the condo deeper it’s at 48 inches now.
    Thx for the welcoming me! It’s my son’s baby leopard tortoise! He got it around July! He is the cutest! I will learn how to post pics soon enough
    My tortoise has a growth on her mouth, it’s my understanding that it’s a calcium buildup. It’s affects her eating sometimes because it’s in the front of her mouth.
    Can it be cut off?
    Hello Josh, so happy to join this forum! Yesterday our family received our very 1st tortoise, a baby Cherry Head! He/she doesn't have much "red" on its head at all for a Cherry Head, only pale/very faint orange colorations that is difficult to pick up on camera. He/she is adorable and healthy, 2.5" long and weighs 1.8oz. and is very shy at the moment. Looking forward to learning from everyone!
    Hi Josh, thank you for the welcome. Happy to finally have a place that won't get tired of me talking about my turtles.
    Hey josh — thanks for the welcome message ! We just pre ordered our Egyptian from Chris Leone from garden state ! Should arrive this winter some time between December and February .. looking forward to posting and sharing photos when she arrives
    Hi, I am new to this website. We found a turtle/tortoise in our yard over the weekend. I have posted on our neighborhood blog, but would love some information on care and identifying what type of turtle/tortoise I have. I will foster until the owner claims. I will post a couple of pictures to help identify. I really appreciate any help or feedback. Thanks very much.
    Hi, My 1 year old redfoot seems to have either weak back legs or wobbles as she walks. We feed her a diet of carrots, peas, spinach, romaine, occasionally rinsed cat food for protein, occasionally fruit. We live in AZ so she gets plenty of sun time but we also keep her under a uv lamp at night or when weather is bad. We let her roam around the house when weather is bad, mostly carpet, to get exercise.
    Hi josh, my name is michelle, I become a mom recently to 3 tortoise
    Now 2 no clue with anything about them. Some friends got them for someone who didn't want them so they had them in a box in the back yard and forgot about them for over a week so I took them. They are so tiny. Fit in my palm. I NEED HELP !!!
    My main concern is the temperature? If that’s OK and everything I’m doing is OK?? Any and all feedback would be great and advice. As far as summer time I put her in my backyard and she does laps around the fence so she gets plenty of exercise and gets to move around a lot during the summer and I had to Sally proof my yard a.k.a. tortoise proof it , Is there a secret remedy or a way to tell how old my tortoise is??
    But I usually try to keep it between 70° and 75° now if you ask me she may sleep a little longer but as far as eating she eats the same she may slow down a little bit but not much and eats every other day and peas and poops in the tub like she always does every other day. I just want to make sure I’m doing everything OK??
    So it only let you write up to 420 characters. My main questions and concerns are. I keep her in a very roomy cage she even has her own little cubbyhole to sleep in at night I have both heat lamp and UVB rays, now when I first got her I did all the research I possibly could I keep her temperature in her cage between 70° and 80° it worked perfect last year for her so I’m guessing that it’s OK??
    Hello everyone I am new to this site, so I am having a lot of trouble trying to navigate, Add find out information about my red footed female tortoise like how old is she? I’ve had her for two years now, with that being said the old owner did not take good care, Because Sallyann’s sister Charlotte died. But I can tell you this much ever since I have gotten Sallyann she has grown tremendously,
    Hi Josh,
    Thanks for the welcome! I am learning a lot already.
    Question: My sulcata (Tortellina 14 months) loves being outside but the weather is getting cooler. What is the minimum temp for her to be able to still play outside? It is getting cool here in GA , but in the sun, it is warm. She has a secure area in my yard for her to run around in and I walk her on the driveway.
    Thanks for the greeting Josh. I'm in the SF East Bay Area. When is the best time to put Booker in his tack room in the barn for his semi-hibernation? Temps here are now in the 50s at night, 80s daytime. How frequently should he have food and water when in semi-hibernation? I'm excited to browse the info on this site. Thanks, Sue
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