cherry head

  1. JesseS

    Cherry head or not?

    Ok I know this is asked a lot but I'm curious on opinions. We acquired Nebbie from a rough spot in a 25 gallon tank with 2 other redfoots twice her size, no sign of humidity and vet immediately dx a LRI. She's on injections now. I was told she is a cherry head. What are your thoughts? (Pics...
  2. catullus

    Two-year-old cherryheads

    Available for adoption in the East Bay, CA (no shipping). Healthy and lively! Incubated at high temps. Approx 5 inches. More details and photos available for serious inquiries. Let me know roughly where you're located, and what your experience is with redfoots or tortoises in general.
  3. ShelbyGinger2022

    Cherry Head: 1st time tortoise owner

    We are 1st time tortoise owner here in Brazil. We got our cherry head from friend's friend because they are not capable taking care of these two lovely and sweet cherry head tortoise. We are having difficulty in giving them a bath especially the male. I think they are already 14 inches.
  4. Meena

    Light tan/dry looking marks around inner scutes of baby cherry head

    Hello! New owner to a 4 month old cherry head - and we're in love :) My husband and I are new to tortoise care. We live in Southern California and (after careful research for almost a month) received our first cherry head hatchling 2 weeks ago. The breeder lives in SoCal as well, he has a...
  5. B

    2y/o cherry head update pix

    Hi everyone… enjoy pictures of my cherry head red foot who turned 2 back in February (:
  6. Y


    Hi, i have an almost 7 month old cherry head, born on July 8, 2021- for the past two days my tort (named yoshi) hasn’t been pooping, i even tried soaking yoshi a little bit longer. thankfully today yoshi did eat well so maybe tomorrow but i was examining yoshi and i noticed some new changes. by...
  7. C

    Something is wrong with my tortoises eyes

    I noticed something wrong with my Cherry Heads eyes when I took him out for his soak this afternoon. Any thoughts / suggestions? The enclosure is 87 on the basking side with 27% humidity. The cool side is 77 with 55% humidity. He has a large hide, eats pellets, carrots, dandelion greens...
  8. T

    White on rim of shell (cherry head red-foot)

    Our baby cherry head red-foot tortoise is developing this whiteness on the bottom rim of her shell & it’s now on her belly. Any ideas what it could be? The internet has said anything from simple signs of shell growth to shell rot & we just want to make sure we’re leaving it alone if it’s nothing...
  9. R

    How do my cherry heads look?

    I have owned this guy's for about 4 months now. The larger one I got from a pet store when I saw he was not being properly cared for. The smaller one I got from a breeder. I give them a few hours of outside time and keep their enclosure very controlled at the recommended settings 80f on...
  10. Mrs_Gal1981

    Feral Cat House for outdoor tortoise?

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever used one of these feral cat houses to house an outdoor tortoise...
  11. S

    New Cherry Head / Red Foot Hatchling—Enclosure

    We are about to be first-time tortoise owners / parents. We have purchased a CH/RF hatchling from Ryan at Southern Reptiles (he has been amazing, BTW). He has given us some great info for starting out, but would love to get some feedback on our choices. Here’s what we have ordered, so far: Zoo...
  12. S

    Looking for Cherry Head Red Foot (Atlanta, GA)

    Brand new here. We are looking for our first tortoise for our daughter. She is obsessed with Cherry Head Red Foots. Any suggestions on where we would even start looking to buy one? I’ve seen some breeders that sell online, but it just seems weird to buy a pet online and have it shipped—is this...
  13. catullus

    How it started / how it’s going

  14. 19D6128F-90AC-4225-BB29-86F3C92BAB68.jpeg


    Drawing of cherry head by Sophie Walker
  15. Khanmahn

    Double T’s new crib

    SUP Tortoise Tribe. Double T has been mad patient during the construction of this build and his virtue has paid off for now he lives in a grand chateau that should be a thriving zone for the next year. TORT LOVE
  16. Mrs_Gal1981

    New Cherry Head losing weight, is this normal?

    Hello all, a little less than a month ago we adopted a young red foot tortoise, about 5.6" small. Not quite a hatchling. He has been pretty shy and does not come out on his own, we only bring him out at feeding time. He seems interested in food and eats right away. I posted before asking about...
  17. Mrs_Gal1981

    Tiny white bugs...mites? Baby pilbugs? Or beneficial soil bugs?

    Few days ago saw this teeny tiny white almost clear bugs crawling on Enzo when I took him out to soak. I wash them off and came to do some research. Someone mentioned harmful mites are usually black and that the white ones usually come with the soil and help break out decomposing matter. Is this...
  18. B

    Black cherry head and radiated tortoise?

    Hello! i have a over year old black cherry head tortoise and would like to get a radiated tortoise. i have read about the different diseases and stuff but dont know how these two can pair up if atall. i have a large table enclosure. thank you!!
  19. Mrs_Gal1981

    Help creating a Diet menu for Cherry Head

    Hello, so it's been 5 days since we brought our cherry head red foot home and I need help creating a loose diet menu for him. He is about 5" long, we think (not sure when he hatched) that he is 2ish years old. We have him in an outdoor enclosure in warm and humid -atm- South Texas. I printed a...
  20. Khanmahn

    1 y/o cherry head shell flaking

    Hi Tortoise Tribe, Does anyone have some advice on how I can improve the health of my tort, Double T? I got a 1 y/o cherry head tortoise almost a month ago and it was evident that the previous caretaker did a poor job raising the little guy. Double T had pyramiding, weak legs, dry skin, and a...