1. Rocki

    Castor oil for constipation?

    Hello, is it ok to use castor oil instead of mineral oil for constipation? Rectally inserted. He is dangerously constipated, I believe he got in to some perlite. The vet is too damn slow and I’m not going to sit here and roll my thumbs watching Tobias suffer and potentially die. thanks!!
  2. K

    Help! My red foot doesn’t really use his back legs.

    I feel like he might be constipated. We did take him to the vet and she thinks he was just dehydrated and lack of calcium. So provided us with a calcium shot. It’s been about a month since and he is still not really moving his back legs and slides when he walks. He still has a very good...
  3. C

    Overwintering Large Sulcata

    Hello, I’ve been lurking on this forum for the last few months and been trying to take everyone’s advice into consideration but now I need some more specific help. This past fall I adopted/rescued a large Sulcata that had been found walking down the side of the highway. His owners could not be...
  4. ScStange891

    Back Legs- Highly Concerned with my Baby Russian

    Hi, All, I haven't had to post here in some time, as all has been going well, but that unfortunately has seemed to change. My Russian Tort, Tortellini (Lini for short), about 11 months old, seems to have suddenly started declining. Last week, I went on vacation all week. I left the tortoise...
  5. Russian Rehab

    Food for constipation?

    I have just adopted a severally neglected Russian Tortoise who i named Harley Shellraiser Von Badass. he is having trouble with constipation and a recurring penis prolapse and dehydration. He came from horrendous conditions. he had not reptile light, no calcium, only ate spring mix, lived in...
  6. Shaye

    Baby sulcata not thriving.

    I posted earlier about the care I was taking of my baby sulcata who is a little over 1 month old. You recommended that I get a cover for the cage, so I did. The temperatures have stabilized very well, and the humidity is also high. His cool side has only dipped below 80 once, when we had a night...