1. D

    Preserving Testudo Horsfieldii eggs until incubator arrives.

    Hello, as you can read in the title a certain incubator didn't arrive before my tortoise went into labour... This can happen of course but it won't arrive for another 5-6 days at least. The female tortoise lives together with a male and another female, this is her first batch and I've read that...
  2. Ramirezm2

    Best practice of cleaning eggs before incubation?

    I recently moved into a new property and within a week my female sulcata dug her first hole and laid 30+ eggs. Unfortunately she did brake about 8 of her eggs and egg yoke and dirt was clumped all around the other good eggs. She is fairly young and still getting the hang of egg laying. I wasn’t...
  3. biochemnerd808

    Incubating a broken egg

    One of my female Russian tortoises laid eggs today. Unfortunately, she broke one of them, but the yolk was still intact in the dirt. I very carefully spooned it up and brought it inside, since I remember seeing a thread here about an external incubation in saran wrap. (Here...
  4. NovaLove

    Hermann eggs 70 days. Please help.

    Hi. My hermann laid this egg 70 days ago and I have been incubating it at 29degrees since. I have been candling it a few times mostly letting it be. It seems to be 60% dark at the bottom. I have seen something resembling embryo/veins. I am worried about this white patch who has gotten another...
  5. M

    How easily do tortoises breed and lay fertile eggs?

    I currently have two female Hermanns 12 years old, and I want to get a male. My two females both lay infertile eggs yearly. If I get a male this year, will next years eggs be fertile?
  6. SienaSunshine

    Urination question

    I was giving Sunshine (Russian Tortoise) a soak the other day and put her little tub on her usual basking spot so she could soak and enjoy the "sun" at the same time. I know that soaking can help with shedding and excreting waste. In other words, I'm used to her defecating and urinating in her...
  7. 2turtletom

    Kinixys Breeding Projects

    I'd really like to thank everyone that's contributed information about how to incubate tortoise eggs. I've learned A TON from TFO. Here's a look at what I'm doing with Kinixys. Thanks! -Tom
  8. H

    Found an egg

    I found an egg in my Russian tortoise enclosure but it seems pretty large for a tortoise. It's over 1.5in long and the size of a quarter at its widest point and oblong with a hard outer surface. The yolk is visible through the shell. I can't find anything that gives me the size of a Russian egg...
  9. Russian Rehab

    Can lots of nutritious food increase clutch size?

    Hello, I have a FERTILE Musk Turtle who has laid 4 clutches so far (about half way through the season ) and 20 eggs in total. my research indicates both her frequency of laying and her clutch size are above average for musk. The breed is super small even as adults. She has also been...
  10. Tarryn

    Angulate Tortoise Egg

    Hi, I have an angulate bowsprit tortoise egg that is 2 months old. I'm not sure how long the egg will take to hatch, and checked it today by candling it to find that about a 3rd of the egg inside was light yellow at the bottom, and the rest was clear. I did not see any blood vessels . Im trying...
  11. C-Turtle

    Incubation vs buying live

    Hello, I recently joined the forum. I figured it was a good time, because I plan to achieve my goal of owning a redfoot - a desire I’ve had for years - very soon. I’ve got a terrarium setup that I bought before I knew about tortoise tables, and it’s looking quite cozy so far (for a starter...
  12. bigsteaks

    Female Russian Egg remnants

    Hello We have had a female russian now for about 4 years. We found egg remnants in her enclosure today. I say about 2-3 good size shell fragments.We have never seen her lay or attempt to lay eggs yet. Half the year she is outside in her private oasis. The other six months she is housed indoors...
  13. T

    EGG MADNESS? Red Eared Slider eggs for free? No way? Way:)

    LOCAL PICK UP ONLY IN VAN NUYS CALIFORNIA yes, you read this right, i have i think at least three eggs of red eared sliders, laid i think sometimes in June? blah, memory:) anyway, i peeked on them, the top one was crazy heavy, so they are fertile, at least some, anyhow, I will not ship because...