1. Coconikki

    Healthy Eyes?

    Hello! My Leopard Tortoise will be a year old Feb 15. Currently weighs 379 grams. Does its eyes look healthy? I noticed the area surrounding the black part of the eye? And wondered if this so normal? Its eyes have always been like this since I got him/her in May of last year. *Temps/ Humidity...
  2. vberonics


    Today i took my 3 year old sulcata outside and a couple minutes later hes rubbing his arm against his face and as i take a closer look there are ants on his arm and neck, but most importantly his EYES. It was as if they were stuck on there and i did get them off in about 30 seconds but im not...
  3. M

    Watery Eyes

    Hello! I have a Cherry Head Tortoise, it's approximately about 4 months old. I've noticed that my tortoises eyes are watering, when I wake them up. They are eating and drinking still. Should I be concerned? Or is there anything I can do about it?
  4. guttermouse

    What’s wrong with his eye?

    Help please. I recently adopted this big guy and shortly after noticed he was rubbing this eye a lot. At first I decided to watch it and see how it would do over a day or two and it looked as though it was going away. When I was out feeding him a few days ago he was rubbing again, and I noticed...
  5. A

    Watery eyes - 5 year old male sulcatas

    Hello, I see others have also asked about watery eyes, but I haven’t found the answer, so… I have 2 sulcatas here in Altadena (Los Angeles area). They are 5 years old - brothers from the same clutch They’ve lived outdoors almost their whole lives, now so big they’ve dug burrows, so they are...
  6. S

    Russian Tortoise Scratching Eyes, Pink and Puffy

    Today I was soaking my Russian when I noticed he had been rubbing his eyes and they were a bit pink and puffy around the edges. I've been away for college and my parents have been taking care of him but he seems to be doing fine otherwise. His enclosure is 2.5ft wide and 5ft long and typically...
  7. O

    Weird lumps in eyes??

    I noticed this morning that Dash has these 2 grey lumps in his eyes that disappear for a few seconds when he blinks. Is this just sleep like with humans or could it be something else? I can't get them out because he keeps blinking when i try to. His eyes aren't swollen and it doesnt seem to be...
  8. L

    Please help! Possible R.I.

    Hi! I'm new here and this is my first post. I've had a south african leopard tortoise for almost 15 years and this is the first time she might be sick. She recently came out of hibernation/brumation in mid/late March (kept indoors, I haven't always lived with her but from what I remember she...
  9. K

    Is this normal behavior? (Baby sulcata)

    hey everyone, I have my baby for about a month now. He (assuming its a he) is still a literal baby. Normally once I turn out the lights at night he just goes to sleep, however tonight I noticed he was kinda just sitting there. He wasn't sleeping because his eyes were open but he wasn't moving...
  10. Turtlekeeper1924

    Eye problems in box turtle

    Hello everyone, I own two eastern box turtles in an outdoor enclosure in northern Florida. I have owned them both for several years and they get along well together. They share a 140 sq ft enclosure with a 150 gallon pond in the center which houses my 14 year old yellow belly slider Who they...
  11. M

    I added a new substate in addition to the cypress mulch

    Hey everyone, I added a new substrate in addition to the cypress mulch. I wanted to get opinions and making sure I'm doing it right. It looks good and tuttle seems to enjoy it. But I notice that it keeps getting in his eyes and causes him to rub them. I've made sure to keep it very damp.
  12. R

    White skin around eyes?

    My Horsefield tortoise has developed some white pigment around his eyes and I'm rather concerned. It's only appeared in the last day or two. I've read online that it could be dehydration but I don't see how that's possible as he normally soaks in his bath every single day for up to two hours...
  13. cortneysigman

    Baby Ivory Sulcata Help!!

    Hello everyone! I am a new account to this forum. I have been a tortoise mom for a little under a year now and I have three Sulcatas who are one and an Ivory Sulcata who is seven months. My three one year olds are great, healthy, lively, and thriving. However, my Ivory that I just got in January...
  14. huntertao

    Has anyone had an experience with a cloudy eyes?

    Greeting all, This is my first post here on this forum, as I've just eventually got my first Cherry head tortoise last month. I've noticed that my Cherry head's right eye is cloudy, I can see that there is a very thin film-like layer over it. (Both eyes are all opened normally as they would...
  15. T

    Tortoises eyes can't open?

    Hi everyone, I got two tortoises yesterday, one male and one female. the female seems to be doing fine; I've seen her eat, and go to the toilet, and her eyes are open. However the male one hasn't opened his eyes once, and I haven't seen him eat or go to the toilet like the female. I'm quite...
  16. HelpRussianThomas

    Thomas is Sick. (closed eyes, dehydrated)

    Hi. Misty here. My son has a Russian Tortoise and is away on a trip in the Northern Tier Wilderness so my daughter and I are taking care of Thomas. Son is out of contact. Condition of Vivarium (I guess it’s called that) was poor. No lights were on it. It was dirty. I know that food and water...
  17. sfr3y

    Problem with my tort around his eye?

    Just discovered this going on with my tort today... it was not like this last night. He is healthy. Is this just flaked off skin? Thanks so much in advance.