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  1. P

    Is my tortoise beginning to get sick?

    Hi everyone. I went to the vet last week to give my tort an examination and the vet said my tort's poop had germs and protozoa, so they gave me 2 deworming potions to give to the tort every day. Today, a couple of hours ago, I saw a bubble coming from my tort's nose while I was giving him...
  2. Henry_andres

    Sulcata help

    Hi my name is Henry my friend bought a sulcata tortoise about 2 years ago he moved away and decided to give him to me his name is Carlos. I don’t know too much about him so I have been reading constantly about how to raise him. I have been feeding him all the greens I can buy going from lettuce...
  3. G

    Tortoise breed

    Hi all! I'm new here and was hoping some of you could help me identify the breed of my lovely tortoise Macky. He's 27cm long which is making me think he's not a Green tortoise, even though he matches those pictures closest. He's an old boy (we think around 70) and I've had him for twenty of...
  4. Scollins17

    Tortoise is no longer active

    Hi Everyone I have a 2 year old Marginated tortoise. Has always been very active. I went on vacation for 4 days, came back and the last couple days he wont come out of his shell for anything. Wont bask, eat or drink. I left him a whole head of lettuce and a full dish of water. He ate most of the...
  5. Eve0810

    Respiratory infection

    Please help - respiratory infection We had bark as our hermann tortoises substrate which was suggested to us. We think he must have caught himself on it or some furniture and has had sepsis as a result. We took him to the vets for a course of antibiotics (10 injections). The sepsis has gone but...
  6. P

    Rescued Greek Tortoise Advice

    Hi all, a friend knows I have a sulcata and asked me if I could take on a tortoise from someone else. I said yes just because it seemed they had nowhere else to go and recieved her today. She’s a tiny little Greek tortoise, fortunately she came with her annex certificate so it’s not as dubious...
  7. turtleneck_boy

    Adult Russian Tortoise Smell and Humidity?

    Hello! Im new to the forum, I have an adult female Russian tortoise that’s about 12-14 years old, we’ve had her 2 years. We live in the Midwest and it’s starting to get really dry in our house, my tortoise’s humidity remains around 40% during the day. Since it has been getting dryer, I’ve been...
  8. L

    Hibernation help!

    I have fasted my hermann for 3 weeks now with daily soaks, where he also drinks, he started to poop a couple days ago but never managed to get it all out. I was waiting for him to pass it ready to put him in the fridge today but he still hasn’t had this poop come out. Do I wait another week and...
  9. EllisEditz

    Any Ideas On The Best Pellets For My Baby RedFoot, thoughts an advice?

    any suggestions, advice, will be highly appreciated :)
  10. T

    What is growing on/in this Desert Tortoises shell?

    I have noticed recently that a 30+ year old female Desert Tortoise I care for has developed a mold like pattern on/in her shell. She is mostly kept outside during Spring/Summer in the southern United States. During Winter/Fall is kept indoors with a heat lamp and usually in a large concrete...
  11. Lslifko

    Have you had to give your tortoise shots?

    small tortoise has an upper respiratory infection and I have to give her shots for the next 7 days. they told me it was a two person job, but even then it was so difficult to hold her legs out to get towards the base of her legs for a shot. Now that she's out and about a bit more today I see...
  12. K

    Russian tortoise swollen leg

    Hi all, i have a Russian tortoise for about 5 years now and this is the first time something is wrong with her. Today I discovered that her left leg is swollen and has a small red mark. I took her to the vet but he didn’t really know what was wrong. It could have been a bite (she is currently...
  13. P

    Tortoise rubbing eyes

    Hey guys I've got a inidan star tortoise hatchling 6 days ago , he is currently showing signs of respiratory infection so I'm currently treating him by soaking him in low conc veterinary tetracycline hydrochloride Ive also got a uvb bulb , I have noticed he seems to rub his eyes a lot , his...
  14. A

    Post-blockage care

    My Female Hermanns tortoise FINALLY passed a blockage that we've been managing for weeks! We are relieved, but the vet warned us that we may still not be out of the woods - depending on whether or not the blockage did any harm to her intestines. She is on antibiotics for another week at least...
  15. A

    Hermanns Tortoise Impacted - now has protrusion under tail

    We've been managing our impacted hermanns tortoise for going on 2 weeks now. She finally urinated starting 2 days ago, but yesterday we noticed this protrusion under her tail. We've been soaking her frequently and she has a follow up appointment at the vet tomorrow - but what is this and is...
  16. trey329

    My tortoises right eye looks strange

    Hi, my sulcata tortoise, 6 month old, has an odd right eye which I noticed today. His both eyes were fine when I checked him up last month. Anyone knows what the problem is? His left eye looks normal.
  17. yay14

    Tortoise Healthy?

    Hi everybody i have a 1 year 1 month old Hermanns tortoise i just wanted to go thru and see if you think hes healthy or not. When i first got him in may 2020 when he was 5 months there were a lot of problems with my care, it was to dry, the light was poorly setup so not all the uv from the light...
  18. yay14

    Is he getting enough UV

    Hi everyone i was wondering if my one year old hermann tortoise is getting enough UV. I now this is hard to say without a UV meter but i am gonna go ahead and aks anyway. He has a 50 watt solar raptor spot Metal halide/ H.I.D lamp that is suspended 22 inches above the enclosure recomended...
  19. ashleymiller28

    Baby sulcata lethargic and barely eating

    Hello, I am extremely worried while typing this. The past few days my 9month old sulcata tortoise has been extremely lethargic when she is usually very active and eating twice a day. I have only been able to get her to take a few bites of pure pumpkin but nothing more each day. Basking temps are...
  20. P

    Nose Clogged on Baby Sulcata

    Hi everyone I like some advice on my baby Sulcata BBY Yolli . I got him 17 days ago from a pest store in East LA. My housemate got one too, hers seems to be a little older as it is still a baby but much bigger. I notice in the past 4 day that BBY Yolli would make squeaking noises during soaking...