1. E

    How much food for Hermann?

    He is 2 years old. Previous owner said he fed him 4 days a week. I’m unable to do that to him. He seems always ready to eat but the question is how much greens should he eat in a day? As much as his shell would hold? Also is 70-80% humidity about right? I’m using a diffuser as a misting method...
  2. F6A1C49B-EBE3-40E4-846D-4C20B64153FC.png


    A rare summer treat on a hot summer day. 🍉🐢
  3. 50A0B6CA-1BC1-4BF0-8361-89FEC37BF6E2.jpeg


    I hung a crystal in Dozer’s bedroom window. When the sun goes down and hits it just right, it casts a bunch of prisms inside of his enclosure. The bright colors catch his eye, then walks around trying to bite all the little rainbows. 🌈 🐢
  4. M

    outdoor Night temperature for yearling Hermann’s

    Hello everyone. I recently built an outdoor enclosure for my one year old eastern Hermann’s tortoise since during the day, the temperature has been in the high 70s and 80s, but at night, it gets down to the 60s and high 50s. Should I leave him out for the night. I know that younger tortoises...
  5. M

    Hermanns Tortoise Shell

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if this is normal for her shell to be dipping down like that? I have seen pyramiding and this looks like the opposite. The area by her head is the only area where I really see this happening. If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it...
  6. Bobo's Dad

    Bobo has arrived! Hermann’s hatchling!

    Well Bobo has arrived straight from FedEx! If you are looking for an awesome breeder of all kinds of tortoises please visit my friend Randy Betz at TortStork.com. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had receiving a hatchling. Top notch! Videos of new enclosure setup coming soon as I get the...
  7. T

    2x Hermanns and set up

    I have to sell my Hermanns due to a change in circumstances, they are unsexed as too young, I've had them about a year, they both have certificates and are chipped. They come with the indoor set up, all you need is new topsoil. I'm in Cornwall in the UK. Looking for around £300...
  8. Tafidler79

    5yr old Hermann Tortoise

    5yr old male named Taco, in great health. Includes a 7’x 3’ tortoise table on a stand. Also includes uvb light and all accessories and timers. I’m military and I must sell him due to upcoming training requirements. I have photos as well. Let me know and I’ll send them to you. Local pickup only...
  9. O

    Pyramiding and weight check!

    Hi everyone! I have an almost 1 and a half year old eastern/dalmatian hermann's tortoise and I was wondering if anyone here could help me out. Dash is my very first pet, I love him (or her!) with all my heart and I just want to make sure I'm giving him the best life I can. Although i did...
  10. O

    Eastern or western hermann's?

    I'm wondering if anyone here could help me figure out if my juvenile Dash is an eastern or western hermann's tortoise? The place I purchased from didn't give any information about it. Also I'm very aware of his slight pyramiding, he already had it when I got him and I'm trying my best to fix his...
  11. TheTattooedTortoise

    My baby Hermanns first 'outdoor time' enclosure.

    Good'ay folks, hope everyone is happy and healthy!! So we've had little Sheldon since April now, he's doing really well and seems quite content with us, is growing nicely and in general is a pretty happy tort! Obviously I know the benefits of outdoor time and natural sunlight for tortoises...
  12. 7A67C4D9-361A-41D1-8062-992255A4276F.png


    Dozer’s 2nd birthday was on May 4, 2021. He weighed in at 533 grams and is a little more than 5 1/2” scl.
  13. 07EC74CF-7198-4096-B50F-96EDC4478332.jpeg


    Dozer turns 2!
  14. E

    Found my baby Hermann’s Upside Down Today

    Hi! I’m new to this forum, and a new baby Hermann’s owner. I got my tort (named Tiberius) on March 25th. I did a lot of research beforehand and everything has been going great so far, except for today. I went to visit my father for the day, and I called my my mother to see how my tortoise was...
  15. ayrgrn

    Is this shell rot or is it normal?

    Hi, I just noticed these patches of grey after soaking my hermanns tort I can’t tell whether this is normal because of the pattern or whether it’s something to worry about - I’ve not noticed it before but that might be because it is just his shell pattern? also those white lines between each...
  16. T

    Baby Hermanns tortoise

    Hello! I am new to tortoise keeping and am hearing a quiet popping sound from my tortoise. I bought a baby hermanns from a reptile expo about 3 months ago. And I was so excited I forgot to ask what his/her hatching date is. Im not sure on the gender yet but have been calling him a boy. I’m...
  17. turtwigtortoise

    New Tort Owner

    Hi guys, Relatively new Hermann’s owner - just a quick question for anybody who would like to offer advice. I did and continue to do ALOT of research into how to best keep my little guy, I pretty much have everything like temp, enclosure, meals and daily routine down to a T. But one think...
  18. BHiLL

    Tortilla Update!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and share some new pics of Tortilla. He (maybe?) is almost 9 months old now and we've had a great time taking care of him and spending time with him everyday.
  19. H

    Tortoise suddenly won’t eat

    Tortellini (Eastern Hermann) is about 4-6 months old and is 76g. I keep him in a vivarium because it is terribly dry in the winter (like my own body is cracking because it’s so dry). It’s around 70%~80% at all times. Cool zone 28c, hot zone 33c, central 30c. He had sun soak time until early...
  20. Jasminemmm

    Today, I got my hermanns tortoise baby. Question about the desirable temperature.

    I am very excited that I finally got my hermanns tortoise baby today. It is a four months old well-started hatchling. And this is my first tortoise. I am trying to make sure the tempature I have in the enclosure is ideal for the baby hermanns. What should be the right temperature during day...