identification help

  1. K

    need help ID'ing tortoise (written on + holes?)

    first time posting so i dont know if im doing this right, hi! I live in northeast Oklahoma and this little guy walked by my window. I saw this blob of bright red on his shell, so I went to check on him in case it was a wound. it turned out to just be marker. I don't know if he's some kid's...
  2. M

    Tortoise Identification Help - from Instagram

    Hello, I would like to know which tortoise is in this Instagram Reel I saw: Thank you in advance !
  3. J

    Hermann’as or Russian?

    I just got this guy(or girl). It was abandoned at a friend’s house by some people that moved. She knows nothing about it. Because Herman’s and Russians have different enclosures and diets, I want to do what is right. Thanks in advance.
  4. Starlight_kitsune

    Box Turtle Identification

    My partner recently received this little guy from a former coworker who couldn't keep him anymore. We were told that he was a western ornate box turtle / Terappene ornata ornata like our 2 others, but I've had some doubts from the beginning. The longer we have him, the more I'm unsure what kind...
  5. D

    What species so I can build a suitable enclosure.

    Hi guys, yesterday when I finished work my brother spotted a tortoise walking on the road which nearly got run over by a car, I quickly reacted to stop the car luckily the driver stopped. Now I have bought it home with me but have no idea which breed it is. Can you guys please help me identify...
  6. C

    Help identifying a young tortoise

    Hi everyone, last night we were rather randomly gifted a young tortoise who I took on primarily because I was concerned what would happen to it if I hadn't. Lots of experience with unusual pets but none with tortoises specifically, and based in internet pics I'm struggling to figure out exactly...
  7. Professor Brenda

    Positive Identification needed

    Hello everyone, I haven't been on here in quite sometime. Life has been keeping me too busy. The tortoise rescue I work with got in these two lovelies recently. I want to make a positive ID so I can ensure proper care. I think the black and grey is a Hermanns and the Yellow and black one...
  8. Z

    Mother found hatchling please advise/ identify

    Hi all! My mother found a hatchling on our land in West Virginia and was determined to bring it home to Fort worth, Texas and care for it. I have no idea what species it is or how to care for it. I've been doing my best with Google results but I know how hit and miss that method is. Please help...
  9. jorg3beto

    What type of turtle is this?

    Hi, I hope someone here may know. My parents found this turtle in the woods, near a highway by the center part of Mexico. They decided to keep it in and they've had it for some months now. I wanted to help them find the best conditions to keep It healthy, but I just don't know what type of...
  10. S

    Help identifying this plant please

    There's a few of these in the garden at the moment.. had Colin outside for 15 minutes today on the patio as it's warmed up a bit today. I always watch him when he was outside and I noticed he tried to eat one of these- I took it off him but I think he may have gotten a small bit still. Will...
  11. CharSparda

    Species identification

    Hey! It’s me making my 838384 thread But yeah, today a friend of mine found a (turtle?) under his car who was being bothered by some dogs and he took it to his garden. He went to a vet who told him this was a land turtle but I am not quite sure if that’s the case, to me it looks like a water...
  12. P

    Testudo Tortoise Identification Help!!! (Question about diet and eye as well)

    Hello! I recently purchased this testudo tortoise from pet smart! No information on the age, sex, or specific species, besides testudo genus. I’m a new tortoise owner and was wondering if anyone was able to tell what exact species of testudo tortoise this is? I also wondering if anyone could...
  13. S

    Help! Please help me identify my tortoise!

    Good afternoon! I am new to this site and new to owning a tortoise! I bought him at Petsmart 2 days ago. I was told he is a Testudo tortoise, but after doing some research it’s hard to pin point exactly what type of Testudo tortoise he is. They didn’t specify his age or anything to me. I am...
  14. L

    Species Identification

    Hello all! I am currently poised to inherit my grandfather's tortoise and want to ensure that I know his species and proper care before I take him in. I have attached images below. Unfortunately I know very little about his care... all that I know is that the tortoise is, at the very least, 60...
  15. H

    Help identifying tortoise

    Hi everyone- I found this tortoise in my yard. Can you help me identify what species it is? from my online research I think it's a sulcata? its pretty small (8 inches long) so most likely a baby?
  16. S

    Hermann's Identification and Shell Deformity?

    Hello All! I have been getting a lot of good advice from this forum since I got my tortoise 2 months ago. I have wanted a Hermann's since I was 21 and at 31 it became a reality. They were not particularly easy to find where I am finally found one in a reptile hobby store (i know. Probably not as...
  17. alejzp

    Identify weeds, are they eadible?

    Hello all at the TF, I own a sulcata that is around 1 to 2 years. She eats a lot and have found some weeds that she loves, but at the end of my backyard, the grass died under some trees and instead I've gotten weeds grown galore and I have tried to identify them using the Google picture...
  18. M

    Tortoise identification! Please Help!!

    Hi everyone. My auntie and uncle have had two tortoises since before I was born nearly! (I’m 25) they have lived in there garden for the whole time with a small house to go in when they want shelter and warmth as we live in the UK, Liverpool). They hibernate outside. They have now given these...
  19. C

    Identification help

    Can anybody kind enough please help identify my 5 tortoises. Last week one of the males went to the vets about a prolapse and had an operation and he thinks he could be Egyptian but I think they are too dark, they are all 5years old
  20. E

    New owner of a tortoise and asking for help IDing it.

    Hi I am a new owner of a little tortoise. I came by it accidentally as it was found in the garden next door. The house had been empty for 3 months. I took it in and put in a plastic box with water and lettuce (all I had). I gave it a tepid bath about 2 hours later and it was fine. I put in some...