1. R

    Bump on my baby Sulctata's nose?

    I've noticed a strange bump on the tip of her nose. I'm not sure if that's just her face or if I should be worried about some kind of infection? Please share your thoughts
  2. C

    Desert Box Turtle - Shell Damage Please Help

    A desert box turtle wandered into my back yard. I live in the middle of a New Mexico city in a neighborhood with small townhouses and small yards. There's really nowhere for him to live around here except in someone's yard and it's luck of the draw with that I suppose. So I've been leaving a...
  3. K

    Can Sulcata tortoise respitory infection with no nasal discharge?

    I have a rescue sulcata I don't know the age because they have changed hands but at the very least over a decade as that's how long the owner I get them from had them We got them in October of 2021 I have attached a picture of them I know their shell is very deformed that's how I got them...
  4. B

    Is this shell rot

    The vet said she has an infection and she got 2 antibiotic injections but he didn’t tell which infection she had He’s just a normal vet not reptile one and he doesn’t look very experienced with tortoises Anyway she has 2 more injections due today should I take her I’m worried about stopping the...
  5. Eightball

    Beginning of a Possible Shell rot ?

    Worry that might be the beginning of an infection. What do you think ?
  6. K

    Russian tortoise swollen leg

    Hi all, i have a Russian tortoise for about 5 years now and this is the first time something is wrong with her. Today I discovered that her left leg is swollen and has a small red mark. I took her to the vet but he didn’t really know what was wrong. It could have been a bite (she is currently...
  7. A

    Sulcata tortoises tail stuck

    Now we’ve had sulcatas for years but one of our 4 1/2 year olds was eating just fine one day then stopped the next we weren’t to worried about it at first but then it turned into a whole week! So we started looking him over and offering treats hoping that he was just getting tired of Romain...
  8. No1much

    Is my tortoise getting enough of his meds.

    TLDR at the end. Hey guys . Bit of background I'll keep it brief. Both my russians got lethargic about a month ago. Went to exotic vets. Poop check of one says worms (they're kept separate). Given wormer to give to both every 2 weeks. Had to remove all substrate (organic top soil) replace with...
  9. Cicitina

    Help! RI, less active, eating less

    Hi everyone, I have a baby marginated tortoise who I unfortunately bought with a respiratory infection. I tried raising humidity and the temperature in his enclosure for the first while to see if that would improve but eventually took him to the vet and received antibiotic injections he is...
  10. M

    Im worried about my tourtise.

    My Russian tourtise is recovering from a reapitory infection with the help of antibiotics. This has been going on for two weeks. I've noticed that he has been sleeping alot other them when I take him outside which he is SUPER active. I mean practically running a marathon active. Then came the...
  11. AlvinCris24

    Baby sulcata issue (lump on face)

    I have recently have a by sulcata, all went well for weeks but later the other day, tort have some cold, and with lump beside the nose. The tort was irate of the lump and keeps on scratching it, till this morning upon soaking, my baby literally ripped off the lump on his/her face. Please help me...
  12. ToryTort

    Help - Scab/lump/crater in a crease on my Sulcatas neck

    Hello I noticed a scab on my Sulcatas neck, I don’t know if he is cut his self on his shell. I am worried it might be internal because there a sought of crater under the scab. Could it be a possible infection. He’s in the vet tomorrow was the earliest I could get.
  13. D

    New Leopard Tortoise! Don't know if she is healthy!

    HEALTH ISSUES: I recently got a beautiful leopard tortoise hatchling on August 26, 2018. She seemed pretty active at the pet store and quite healthy. I knew that when I brought her home she would take a few days to adjust to her new life and new enclosure. However, I didn't see her exploring...
  14. Stoneman

    Nebulizing with oxine. Questions about biology and chemistry.

    Hello everyone I have heard a lot about nebulizing as a new RNS and upper respiratory infection treatment by means of vaporizing the anti-microbial R10. I have used non-activated oxine for my chickens for a while, and I was wondering if anyone has any information about it being toxic. The...
  15. Richard Harrison-Cripps

    Severe caudal infection in wild T. hermanni awaiting translocation

    Any medical advice on the following would be hugely appreciated ... We have a small number of adult Hermann's rescued from development sites here in Montenegro and awaiting relocation to a reserve in the spring. Two of the females appear to have, to varying degrees, tissue infection in the...