1. Rusky

    Does UV need to cover entire enclosure

    I'm about to add a square to my rectangular RT enclosure to make an L shape. Do I need another UVB strip light for that portion as well, or can I just use a regular strip light to keep it bright?
  2. Blueberry272

    Lighting - UVB/UVA, Tortoise and Plants

    Hello, I see a lot of posts about lights but I'm still missing one piece. It sounds like I need something that gives UVB for tortoise health (Russian tortoise in this case) and something that allows for a basking spot that gets about 95-100 degrees. It is also my understanding that UVB does...
  3. _paper_moon_

    Can our patio support a tortoise?

    My fiance and I are looking to setup a loving home for a tortoise. We have a patio that we currently have no use for and plan to fill pretty much entirely with an outdoor tortoise enclosure. The patio is 16ft x 7ft and is shaded for most of the day. We live in southern California. Here is what...
  4. dwright27

    New Enclosure and Lighting Crisis

    Hi everyone! I finally got my tortoise's new enclosure delivered after several months of waiting. It's 6'x3', which I know is still below the minimum recommended dimensions, but that is the size I can accommodate in my home right now and it's a hell of a lot bigger than what she's been living...
  5. BradKellerDA

    T5 and T8 bulbs and fixtures?

    Hello all, I was looking into getting a 3 or 4 foot long uvb bulb to cover most of the indoor enclosure for the upcoming winter months. I was having a difficult time finding the fixtures for most of these bulbs outside of just using an aquarium/terrarium hood. I was wondering what you all would...