new enclosure

  1. P

    My tortoise is climbing the walls :(

    Hey ? I’m a first time tortoise owner of 2 weeks and I’m trying to get to know my new 2year old hermann, Tortellini. He weighs 44g and is about 6cm So far I think things have been going well.. he tends to sleep quite a lot, which I’m not sure is normal but when he’s awake he tends to be quite...
  2. S

    Finally built that enclosure!

    Finally, after weeks of postponing it, we finally built it... The people who cut the glass got some of the measurements a little wrong, but it did not really affect the end result too much... We haven't yet installed the heat lamp and the UVB bulb, my dad will be building another contraption...
  3. C

    New Desert Tortoise owner

    I recently received three hatchlings from a friend whos tortoise had a surprise clutch hatch. They haven't had her around the male for a couple years so they can hold the sperm for a loooong time. They didn't notice any nesting behavior either but all of a sudden baby tortoise were all over...
  4. T

    Russian Tortoise enclosure

    Hello friends, I am a beginner tortoise owner. I built this enclosure for my new russian tortoise. what do you guys think? Does it look suitable for a russian tortoise?
  5. moongrace

    Questions about new enclosure

    New Enclosure: We are in the process of finishing up a new indoor enclosure for our 7 year old red foot. I have questions to make sure this is right.....or even close because it is a whole new set up from what he had before so all the configurations are changed.......Inside the dimensions...
  6. T

    Heating my new viv

    Hi, I have just bought a new viv for my tortoise. His old one was 2 foot tall and his new one is 14 inches tall inside. I don’t know what’s the best way to heat it as the basking spot I have currently is about 6.5 inches including the bulb. If I put this in his new viv there would be about 7...
  7. Otis-RussianTort

    Enclosure Upgrade for Otis!!

    I know size could be bigger, but I am really proud of myself for the changes I have made in the last week for Otis! ? larger enclosure, deeper substrate, hide on the cool side, new light fixture with reptisun 10.0 bulb, and soaking pellets before serving with greens. Basking temp is 100-102...
  8. Y

    Thank you everyone!! New leopard tort enclosure :) any tips are still welcome!

  9. PiL71

    Entire enclosure overhaul

    Hello all! I've been redoing my substrate, when I discovered heavy water damage (presumably from the moist coco coir and general humidity of the air) on the bottom. My enclosure is a unique one, (pics can be found on my profile, I believe) but I'd like to keep this idealogy and apply it to my...
  10. B

    Newbie tort owner!

    Hello everyone! So, as I can see domesticated tortoise care has an assortment of opinions on how it should be done via google and YouTube. This makes it very troubling for me and I was hoping I can get advice from some experienced tortoise owners about my current enclosure I have set up for my...
  11. Winston's mom

    Help! I bought my tortoise a new tortoise table and he's not happy!

    Hi all, I adopted my 4 year old Russian tortoise from a couple last week, who had him in a small vivarium/ tank that was about 2 feet x 1 foot with beech wood chips as a substrate. We've bought him a tortoise table from Reptile Centre which is 90 x 45 x 21.5 cm (roughly 3 foot x 2 foot). I...
  12. L

    Progress on new enclosure, almost there!

    Substrate and carpet down, heating/lighting, and tortoise to go! I've spent the last week planning, ordering, and putting together supplies for my tortoise's new table. It's starting to come together and I'm just waiting on the new lights to arrive, as well as the paint fumes from my new place...
  13. L

    New member, tortoise dad for two years

    I've been the proud owner of a red eared slider since I was nine years old, and when I was fifteen I spontaneously became the owner of a russian tortoise! It's been a little over two years since then, and it's kind of a funny story as to how I came to meet the little guy. I was alone one...
  14. Torta21

    (New Owner) Help, is this set up good for my baby Sulcata baby!

    His enclosure is fry wood and the dimensions are 38inch (L) x 24inch (W). His temperature is always around 80+ and his humidity in his closed chamber is usually around 70-80%, I use coconut coir mixed with Orchard bark. I live in SoCal, around the inland empire valley so it’s usually not lower...
  15. Aequor

    Help with feeding

    I have recently got a small leopard tortoise, she is I think about 6 months-1 year old based on her size. It's been five days since she was purchased, but she hasn't eaten, we gave her types of organic greens. She's only been drinking, which made her go from 157 to 173 grams as of today. I was...
  16. S

    New eastern box turtle mom - possible respiratory infection, HELP!

    Hi everyone! I recently adopted an eastern box turtle, Sammy, from a family member. He has been much less energetic than usual the past few days and I think (but am not sure) that his breathing may have changed. I'm not sure if I need to be concerned about a possible respiratory infection or...
  17. C

    New baby Sulcata.

    I have a couple of questions. I recently acquired a three month old sully from one of my old coworkers. I bought a new enclosure, (will attach photos) (also I lined the bottom with a yoga mat to help keep from water seepage) but I did b know what kind soil to use. I bought a thing of Scott’s...
  18. natalienbk

    Help please (Not eating)

    Hi new here :) I have a baby russian tortoise, iv had her for 3 days and she is not eating and burying herself and sleeping all day on cooler side, does this mean she is to hot or cold? read lots of conflicting things :( please help her hot side is 85 fahrenheit witch is what the pet shop told...
  19. RobynandLeo

    New Baby leopard- lethargic and one eye closed

    I have had my baby leopard for about 3 weeks now and up until the last few days he has been fine. Eating and very lively (as well as going to the toilet in his water every few days). But yesterday he was very lethargic, sleepy and spent most of the day with one eye closed. I’m worried there’s...
  20. TurtwigsMom

    Outside enclosure help

    Hello! I have a 5 year old Sulcata who recently moved into his new outside enclosure. He's been inside since we brought him home and I'm wondering if anyone has some helpful tips for when the weather turns. He's currently in a 15X15 pen that has a 2ft tall stone wall. We placed the pen on a...