1. S

    Doing Better

    Hi there! So I've had my three toed box turtle for around 8 years now. Someone gave her to me when I was like 10 and I had no idea how to actually care for her and it's kinda sad. But surprisingly she's still healthy, and I'm doing my best to better her life. I don't yet have my own job and...
  2. FreddieTheTort

    Outdoor enclosure for Russian Tortoise

    Hi! It is becoming warmer outside and I want to know the best way to build an outdoor enclosure for little Freddie. Anything I can add like plants or weeds? Thanks in advance!
  3. FreddieTheTort

    Russian tortoise feeding questions

    Hi! I am a semi-new tortoise owner and I still don't know if I am feeding my russian too much or too little. Freddie is about 5 years old and he eats like a pig (from what I can tell) but I don't know if I should keep giving him more food when he finishes the pile, or stop. I have heard things...
  4. E

    New Tortoises' Eyes Black and Shut? + some questions :D

    Hello! So I just got these guys yesterday at a local pet shop here in Qatar, and they say these little guys came from Thailand, but didn't know what kind of tortoise it really is, and the temporary little place we have for them now kind of worries me, so, here are my questions. 1. What kind...
  5. S

    I need lots of tort help...

    I'm new to this.. i have a lot of questions about our torts health. My family has 3 sulcata torts, around 2 years old. As they've gotten older, one of them has just stopped getting bigger. Myrtle and Rafael are huge, while Tucker is half their size. I recently found out that torts need lots of...
  6. C

    New Tortoise Owner: tips please!

    Hello :-) My name is Chloe. I am 19 and I have been researching into getting a tortoise for a pet for two or so years now. I just haven’t made the leap yet! I came very close to getting a young Russian tortoise a few days ago but chickened out. I want to provide my tortoise with the best love...
  7. Jgk1

    Redfoot Morphs

    Quick question here Are there any redfoot or yellow foot morphs? I have only seen pictures online never in person. Thanks (pictures from
  8. George the Turtle

    New Tortoise Owner Help!

    I just became a tortoise Mom a week ago, after rescuing a "3 toe box tortoise" from being run over in the middle of a busy street! (please excuse me if I am wrong, very new to pet tortoises) I did some research on him, and do know that it is male because of his yellow spots on neck and arms, as...
  9. Sandy Murrieta

    Hello from Murrieta, CA

    Sorry I forgot to introduce myself before posting a help question. I did give a small background in the help request, lol Anyway, I grew up with Arkansas box type turtles. My grandparents moved to Arkansas when I was young. On my summer visits I would bring one home until I had 5, I only...
  10. M

    Feedback requested -- 1st time Russian Tortoise owner

    Hello All, I hope everyone and their buddies are doing well :)! I'm a first time tortoise owner (decided on a russian tortoise) and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from experienced owners? I would greatly appreciate it! Below is my tortoise and set-up: I got my tortoise from...
  11. U

    New Hermann Questions

    I got my 2(ish) year old tort two days ago and wasn't very well informed by the seller but from the forums I think I vaguely know the basics. A couple questions: Should he be out in the sun as well as having the UVB light? His shell was slightly (but not worryingly) bumpy when i got him- is...
  12. J

    Some questions about my new hermann's

    Hi, my name is Jack, and I recently got a 4-year-old Hermanns tortoise named Oogway. and I have some questions. Should I feed him more than once a day, How much should I feed him, I have done a lot of research on their diets so I think I have that one covered. What should his basking spot be...
  13. S

    New Ornate Box Turtle owner

    Hi there! I'm a relatively new Ornate box turtle owner and am looking for some advice. I have had a female Ornate box turtle for about 6ish months now, and I believe she is 2-3 years old. In her first home, the people who had her were raising several box turtles in their backyard. They are...
  14. mushroomandcucumber

    Hi! Soon to be Hermann Tortoise owner! I have a lot of questions!

    Hi, soon I will be welcoming a baby Hermann tortoise! I'm really excited because I've never owned a tortoise before even though I've wanted to ever since I was a child However, I have a lot of questions that I'm struggling to find answers for, and I would greatly appreciate any help you could...