shell damage

  1. C

    Damaged Sulcata shell, missing scutes/burns

    I adopted my sulcata tortoise a couple weeks ago. His previous family was unable to keep him any longer. Oogway is doing great, eating, pooping everything fine. But his shell has old damage that I'd like to discuss. I was told that he has old thermal burns. And that part of his history is...
  2. M

    Sulcata Shell Rot on Anal Scutes?

    Hi everyone, Recently bathing my 50lb sulcata tortoise, I flipped him over and noticed this along his anal scutes. Is this shell rot? I have never seen this before on any part of his shell until now..
  3. marbalboy

    Really unsure of health

    I had to emergency rescue this tort from an awful living condition arrangement, but as a new tort owner….yeah. I do not think this hatchling looks healthy. What is wrong with it ? The shell…. It is behaving fairly normally, is very curious, and eats a little (although mostly from my hand)...
  4. I

    Weird tortoise shell spots.

    Hello, I have recently acquired my baby redfoot tortoise and it seems to have some weird spots on the shell. I am worried that it could be shell rot but I can't tell if you have any ideas or tips please help me out thank you so much!
  5. E

    Cracks or Peeling on Sulcata Carapace

    Hello, Looking for someone who has some knowledge or experience on something we are seeing on our Sulcata. We noticed tonight that there are two spots on its back that appear to almost be cracks between the scutes. A corner of one is lifted and then there is what looks like a crack between two...
  6. B

    Damaged shell

    Hello, I’ve just noticed some damage to the underside of my 10 year old Horsefield’s shell. His behaviour hasn’t changed and is still eating and active all day. He climbs a lot and does fall, but this seems like an odd place to damage from a small height and a soft landing. I’m not sure how...
  7. J

    Possible shell rot.

    Ive never seen this before. It is not wet. It is not underneath. Is this shell rot? Ive given him a bath and put betadine. Has anyone seen this before? Any advice? He has also not had interest in food for 3 days but I have also made him an enclosure in my garage so that he is not out in the...
  8. bleu

    wound on shell

    Can such a wound be recovered?I need some ideas.
  9. Y

    Shell injury

    Tortoise rubbed shell on brick wall I own a sulcata tortoise living in my backyard and just right now I found him with blood (not major bleeding nor is it dripping just visible on the shell) on both sides of his shell. I was wondering if I could put Neosporin on his little wounds to help...
  10. Swank1987

    Shell flaking

    I have adopted a male Sulcata. His owner said the deformity was normal shell growth, but I have my concerns. It’s not soft and doesn’t appear to be shell rot IMO. It appears to be dehydration. I’m really looking for ways to improve his shell health.
  11. L

    Worried about shell rot

    Hi All, I is the attached picture something for me to worry about?
  12. K

    Is this Shell Rot?!?!

    My 4 year old Greek is correctly shedding. (I hope but I’m worried about a couple shots on her shell. Anyone think this is shell rot? One is a chip on the front of her shell near her head. The next two are the same spots one while wet and then dry. Then the last is her head that is correctly...
  13. G

    Redfoot Restoration

    Never had a redfoot before but this guy came from a shitty pet store on Christmas Eve and his shells looking pretty dismal to say the absolute least, he’s staying wet and warm and someone said coconut oil on him will help but what else can we dooooooooooo, he’s been getting soaks and kinda eats...
  14. E

    Abnormal Shell

    Hi, I recently received a pet turtle as a gift and I noticed that his shell looked abnormal. I tried looking up what it was but i wasn’t successful.
  15. T

    What is growing on/in this Desert Tortoises shell?

    I have noticed recently that a 30+ year old female Desert Tortoise I care for has developed a mold like pattern on/in her shell. She is mostly kept outside during Spring/Summer in the southern United States. During Winter/Fall is kept indoors with a heat lamp and usually in a large concrete...
  16. T

    Sri lanken baby!! Does anyone know what this weird spot is!!!??

    Hello I picked up a baby star tortoise yesterday, suposidly a sri lanka, it is very tiny. His shell is a bit deformed… but im also concerned about this spot on him. I havnt even had him 24 hours yet… he seems pretty healthy. It almost looks like a mole, in the center of his scute. If anyone...
  17. A

    Introducing Usain Bolt!

    So after some research and bothering you all here, I have adopted this 20yrs old Russian tortoise and named him Usain Bolt. He was found on the streets and taken to a pet store who then contacted the rescue. I had to drive 100miles each way to go get him but I didn't want to buy one from a...
  18. feefofum

    Black dot underneath the surface of shell?

    Hi everyone, As I was examining my marginated tortoise Houdini's plastron this morning after his soak I noticed a black dot beneath the surface of his shell at his left hind leg area. Attaching some pics here for reference. Sorry in advance that the pics came out a bit blurry; I had a hard...
  19. D

    Crack in Shell

    Hi, I noticed my tortoise has a cracked shell above it’s head. Should we take it to the vet or would it heal on its own with cleaning and antiseptic ointments? Tried calling a vet and they said they don’t deal with exotics, and the number they referred me to is out of order. Will definitely find...
  20. agnes&theo

    acquaintance's tortoise looks bad ... thoughts?

    A recent acquaintance got a Russian tortoise from a pet store on a whim (yeah) two months ago. No idea the age, though not a hatchling. The tortoise has been inside a 50-gallon tank with a UVB and fed romaine, bok choy, and kale (we already had a chat about improving the nutrition). But her...