1. G

    Shell health

    Hiya everybody! Today I noticed a change to my boys shell. Could anyone confirm if his shell is healthy or if there is anything we could change to promote his diet or lifestyle. We bathe him every other day at the moment and had a mixture of salads and occasional supplementary foods to boost...
  2. M

    Sulcata hatchling dehydrated shell?

    Hi, I’m new here and I have a 2-3 month old sulcata (I was told it was around that age) from a reptile store. I am concerned by its shell.. its shell was like this when I got him and I’m assuming this is dehydration?? I hope it’s something I can fix!! I’ve only had him for three days and I have...
  3. P

    Shell crack on the edge

    Hi guys! yesterday I realized my little tort's shell cracked. It cracked on the edge of his shell. You can see that in the circle in the picture I attached. I can move it up and down a little but it hasn't completely fallen off yet. I don't want to pull it out because I'm afraid it will hurt...
  4. S

    Concerned about Sulcata Shell

    Hello! I have a 1 year old African Sulcata tortoise. I wanted to post her pictures here and see what you all think about her shell. I feel like her scutes are pretty small and the darker parts (I think they’re called sutures?) in between them are thicker than average and cover more of her shell...
  5. S

    White around shell and plates

    Hi there, I am worried about my cousins Russian tortoise. We have had this one for a year or so now and it does not get the attention it needs, but it well fed. It had white around its shell and plates. Is this new growth for him? Is this lack of vitamin D or calcium? She’ll rot? We don’t know...
  6. Dadforhire

    Odd peeling on shell

    Hector has some of his shell peeling in the center of his back, is it normal to peel from the center of the scute out and not from the sides? I can see shell underneath it just hasn’t come off on it’s own. He has a vet appt. In a week, I’m just worried it’s something serious.
  7. T

    Split in Male Sulcata shute toward front. See Pics. This was not there two days ago.

    It is raining today, and this morning Dash, an almost 4 year old male Sulcata, who has been having "poop" problems, was out in the rain. I brought him in to soak him in the tub and noticed this crack, which was not there when I soaked him outside in the sun two days ago. The temp is just fine...
  8. R

    A friend is asking for help!

    Hello! I told a friend of mine about this forum, and they asked me to help identify an issue with one of their two tortoises’ shells. ,,These markings have been there for about a year, and it happened after a few scutes fell off. What could it be? Apologise for the dirt on the tortoise’s shell...
  9. R

    I need help with my tortoise’s shell!

    Hello! I am new here, so I hope I am posting this in the right thread. I have a Hermann’s tortoise, which was given to me about ten years ago; her shell hasn’t been in the best condition ( chipping off scutes and discolouration ) for quite some time and I can’t seem to find a specialist in my...
  10. P

    Spur Thigh Hatchling with crease in belly shell

    Hi, I have incubated 7 spur thigh eggs, 5 have hatched within 72hrs of each other, 4 look healthy but one took a little longer than the others to get out of its egg and it has a deep crease in the underside of its shell. Is this a deformity or will it straighten out now it’s out of the egg...
  11. C

    Desert Box Turtle - Shell Damage Please Help

    A desert box turtle wandered into my back yard. I live in the middle of a New Mexico city in a neighborhood with small townhouses and small yards. There's really nowhere for him to live around here except in someone's yard and it's luck of the draw with that I suppose. So I've been leaving a...
  12. C

    Russian Tortoise shell

    Hello! I’ve had my Russian for about four months now. He was living in a glass enclosure when I got him and was only fed romaine lettuce every other day and didn’t have access to clean water. Well now he has a 4x8 wooden tortoise table, fresh water daily and gets a large variety of different...
  13. T

    Shell Health

    Hi all, Fairly new to tortoise keeping and still getting the ropes. I have had my 2 year old Russian Tortoise for 5 months now and I love keeping him. I was just wondering if anybody is able to advise me on him and his shell. Does he look healthy? I have a mercury vapour bulb on 12-14 hours a...
  14. C

    Please can someone look at my Russian tort:(

    Hey. We’ve had this little girl for a couple months now. She came from a home where they did not know how to care for tortoises. I’ve done all my research, feed her adequately, she’s got a heat lamp, goes outside twice a week and gets soaked. Does her shell look okay? It’s not completely round...
  15. M

    Hermanns Tortoise Shell

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if this is normal for her shell to be dipping down like that? I have seen pyramiding and this looks like the opposite. The area by her head is the only area where I really see this happening. If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it...
  16. S

    Wrinkled bottom shell

    I have had this greek desert tortoise for about 3 years now (got it from a friend who had it for about 10) and do not recall the bottom of his shell being wrinkled like this. The shell does not feel soft and I am unsure if he had it before (keep in mind I do not look at the bottom of his shell...
  17. C


    I am a new yellow belly slider owner. Petco gave me a surplus of bad information and I am wondering if any noticeable damage has happened to my turtle. I am also wondering about how old she is.
  18. B

    Is this shell rot

    The vet said she has an infection and she got 2 antibiotic injections but he didn’t tell which infection she had He’s just a normal vet not reptile one and he doesn’t look very experienced with tortoises Anyway she has 2 more injections due today should I take her I’m worried about stopping the...
  19. B

    HELP!!! Baby Cherry Head Tortoise Shell Problem!

    I have had my baby cherry head tortoise for a month. I am getting worried about the condition of his shell. He began to have white spots. At first, I thought they were mineral deposits. When I put 50/50 water and vinegar I do not see any reaction. So I don't think they are mineral deposits. When...