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  1. H

    Help Check if condition of baby sulcata is ok

    Hello! I am new to the forum and certainly very new to tortoise keeping! I have recently bought a baby sulcata this month during a reptile show. The sellers said it was a hatchling and that the babies hatched last August. I wanted to know if my new sulcata looks okay at the moment. I'm...
  2. mrl05140

    White lines on my red foot

    Hello, I noticed my 10 year old red foot that I obtained this summer to have some peeling of her shell. I am attaching a photo. I got her from a family that did not take proper care of her. She is very small for her age, and she is now growing. She has growth lines under her shell. I noticed...
  3. r0bnich0ls

    Holes between plurals on Herman’s tortoise

    Have noticed some holes on my tortoises shell when bathing. Have recently started the wind down period to hibernate and am wondering weather to continue or not hibernate? She suffers from some pyramiding so maybe linked to that, not sure if these have always been here or something medical that...
  4. A

    New and in need of help! (Russian picky eater)

    Hello! I got my girl, Marge, who's a Russian tortoise, in June. The seller didn't seem to know much, but assumed she's 2-3 years old. He told me she was bred in captivity, but I highly doubt that now, after doing research. :( I really worry about her diet and the appearance of her shell. The...
  5. D

    Help! Baby tortoise suddenly can't walk properly!

    Hi! I've had my little leopard tortoise for about a month now. He's been doing okay but not as good as I would hope. But today something completely random happened. He stopped lifting himself when he walks now. He seems like he does have the strength to lift himself and walk. This is completely...
  6. For Love of Everything Shell

    Can a Leopard's supracaudal grow too much and impede pooping?

    Hello, I have been dealing with a constipated tortoise for a few weeks now and things have started to move with a week at the vet. I have taken part of my latest update from my original post in hopes someone sees this title and might have some insight? Summary from original post... Bob...
  7. jblandon

    Shell Evolution of turtles

    I just find an article really interesting in smithsonianmag.com about how turtles got their shells in their evolution. I made a new post on my blog about it: https://www.detortugas.org/blog/como-obtuvieron-su-caparazon-de-tortugas/ the original article is in English you can find it here...
  8. A

    Russian shell healthy?

    hello, We’ve had our Russian tortoise for one year now. Recently I noticed little indents on the darker parts of his shell, like little bubbles. Never noticed this before, is it normal? Is his shell healthy in general?
  9. K

    Box turtle shell mostly white?

    Hi everyone. I spent a good while looking through other posts before posting to see if anyone else has had this issue. I was wondering if anyone knows what is wrong with this turtle's shell. Some kid found him in the wild, tried to bring him home because he thought the turtle needed medical...
  10. C

    ~Baby Sulcata~ Dent in the side of the shell and an oblong appearance ..

    All i know is he was hatched in 2017 I'm in the process of requesting more information about it. He was received with a skewed shell and an odd looking "dent" in his shell.. I need to know if this will bubble out into a normal shape or not! He is very active and eats well. His shell is a bit...
  11. D

    turtle hiding in shell while basking

    i have two female eastern box turtles and im new to having them and just in the past couple of days one of them start to go into her shell and close it completely when ever she is under her heat lamp his this normal?
  12. K

    Strange Tortoise Shell

    I have owned Kirby, my Russian Tortoise for about two years. I purchased him from PetSmart (not knowing any better) and he had a pretty rough shell with signs that he had possibly once had shell rot. His shell was always great health, it was hard, good color, and I never had any problems with...
  13. Avery.s

    Advice on shell and growth (and a few other things)

    Hello! This is Eli, my Hermanns that I believe was hatched in October. After weighing him I realized that he weighs a bit more than he should for his size which is resulting in some slightly odd shell growth (hard to get a good picture of). I was wondering what more experienced people do to...
  14. Neris

    Shell Rot?

    Hello all! I'm writing to ask for your advice. I notice a few white spots in my red foot tortoise a couple of days ago and I don't know if it's shell rot or not. There hasn't been any changes on her behavior, except for "yawning" every now and then that I read is related to something bothering...
  15. Capybara25

    Greetings from a couple of new Redfoot keepers!

    Hello from Phoenix, Arizona! My boyfriend and I became the very proud keepers of an extremely handsome Redfoot hatchling about a week ago. It's been very helpful to turn to Tortoise Forum for guidance while we prepared everything for our little guy. Thank you to everyone for posting such...
  16. Vanessa Black

    Russian Tortoise Healthy Shell?

    Hi guys, this is my Russian named Ned. I got him from a lovely family on Craigslist who got him from petco. He's a male and he's six years old. I'm worried about his shell, he has white lines along the bottom of his shell and the black part is fading. Is that normal? He feels normal and...
  17. Ruben Leavell

    She'll Curling.

    A few days ago, while I was giving my Hatchling Sulcata a warm bath before his meal I noticed the edges of his shell close to his neck on the top half were curled upward. I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. I have the humity to a moderate according to the gaugesand I have a bit of moss...
  18. weiyan

    Need advise on shell shedding/mouldy on red ear slider!

    Hello fellow tortise lovers! I've have two red ear sliders and one of them recently have its shell start to grow 'mould'. I'm not sure what it is but its a white layer of substance on the shell and layers of the shell seems to start 'shedding' off. Please advise on what I could do to stop the...