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  1. Stump Sulcata Tortoise eat pet burp

    Stump Sulcata Tortoise eat pet burp

    This guy is out of control sometimes with the eating. Tell me what you think in the comments. His favorite giant and office buddy pets him while he's eating.
  2. G

    First time Sulcata keeper in need of help!

    I have recently adopted an almost 3 year old female Sulcata Tortoise, and I feel that I am way in over my head here, either that or I am just overthinking things. My issue is figuring out lighting and heating and am hoping any Sulcata experts can come to my rescue! I currently have a exo-terra...
  3. Rooseveltthetortoise


    Hey guys, I came in here because I had some questions I wanted to ask about my sulcata. Everybody has answered all of my questions and it is amazing! Anyways, I also wanted to make some friends and share stories. I love talking about my baby 2 month old sulcata tortoise, but sometimes my friends...
  4. T

    Do Russian tortoises make good pets? (Boring or fun?)

    For those who don’t know, I was interested in having a baby sulcata tortoise. However after a bit more research I found out that Russian tortoises will better suit me carewise. But I remember reading through Reddit and finding some people whose Russian tortoises just ate, slept and were overall...
  5. T

    Should I get a sulcata

    Sup forum. I am a fairly young boy who still lives with my parents. Lately, I have been intrigued by Sulcata Tortoises. My family very recently just moved to the US and we are staying in a temp rental for 2 months, before moving to an about 1-2 year rental, then buying a house (These are all...
  6. C

    Dog got ahold of my Sulcata tortoise.

    My dog got ahold of my two year old Sulcata tortoise I took her to the vet and she's on baytil. What will help her shell heal? It's been almost 2 weeks since it happened. How long should it take for her shell to heal? The pictures are the day it happened.
  7. ButtonSulcata

    Overgrown bottom beak?

    My tortoise looks like his bottom beak is overgrown and i am assuming it’s caused by Lack of calcium And I have a plan to fix that. But does his beak look bad enough that it needs to be trimmed immediately or is there other ways to fix this issue overtime without causing him harm? He’s two years...
  8. T

    Outdoor tortoise house in UK

    Hi, my African Sulcata tortoise has recently just been moved into his new outdoor enclosure and I thought I would share it. His previous house was quit a good enclosure but unfortunately the roof to the building where his house was had to get re done and rain got to it and destroyed his house...
  9. image.jpg


    I just bought this sulcata tortoise. (Male) and I think he loves our yard but wanted to see how healthy he is. Been doing some research and see a lot of confusing misconceptions . Thought I’d see what other owners think.
  10. N

    Enclosures Size, And it's impact on the tortoise's well being mentally/physically

    Greetings! I've been questioning about this for a while and it's starting to haunt my thoughts since im also gonna adopt a baby sulcata (3-4 months old)and the day is getting closer and closer, having done a decent amount of research (like 2 months or so) Still, i just think there is still so...
  11. J

    Is it normal for my new sulcata tortoise to not eat?

    I researched this and a few things say it's normal for the first few days. On day 2 she ate a few bites of her food and regularly drinks water. (To add, I keep a thermometer in there to keep track of the temperature in her enclosure while her lamp is on) She also just sleeps all day, which I...
  12. Y

    Shell injury

    Tortoise rubbed shell on brick wall I own a sulcata tortoise living in my backyard and just right now I found him with blood (not major bleeding nor is it dripping just visible on the shell) on both sides of his shell. I was wondering if I could put Neosporin on his little wounds to help...
  13. 20211229_143107.jpg


    Morris is taking a bath🚿
  14. TonytheTortoise_

    Need Help ;-; (no poop or pee??)

    Hey guys, so I recently got a Sulcata tortoise (Tony) from my boyfriend. A little background about Tony is that he was bought in Cali around 2020, lived with my boyfriend in Flagstaff, Az around late 2020 to early 2022, and now Tony is living with me in Yuma, Az. For timeline purposes, I got him...
  15. Minitortoise

    Sulcata tortoise health

    hello! 1 or 2 years ago(not sure when) my family adopted a baby sulcata tortoise, I recently found out it’s gender again, she’s a female. She’s, unfortunately, been living in a big enclosure that was meant for two bunnies we used to have. We recently moved her to a better home meant for...
  16. T

    Tortoise table for sulcata tortoise

    Hello, I have a sulcata that is about a year and half old. I’m needing to build a tortoise table for him in my garage for winter. What is an appropriate size? Does anyone have plans with photos and list of lumber with measurements? I need to build something this month before temps start dropping...
  17. snailgalaxies

    Will fish in hibiscus soil be unhealthy for my sulcata tortoise?

    My guppy fish of 2 years died today from pregnancy complications, and I'd like to bury her in my hibiscus soil, since its my favorite plant and it reminds me of her. I feed my tortoise, Hades, the leaves and flowers from the plant. Will it harm him if I bury her there? I know it can help the...
  18. K

    Please help, my male might be hurting my females shell with too much intercourse.

    Hello everyone! Please advise on what I should do. My two tortoises have gotten big enough to start mating. She seems to be happy and still eating but her shell looks pretty used. What do you guys suggest?? I have considered separating them but it will leave them with very little space. Any advice ?
  19. abissnails

    How do I get my Sulcatas to eat grass?

    When I bought my first Sulcata I read that they were mainly grass eaters. So I just pulled some from our lawn (we do not spray any pesticides). I feed it grass mixed with a spring mixture, but it always avoided the grass. I just got 3 other Sulcatas and they all avoid grass!! So my questions...
  20. P

    Looking for older sulcata

    Looking for an older sulcata that needs a home,or a few redfoot tortoise's I live in Michigan and have both indoor and outdoor enclosure