Enclosures Size, And it's impact on the tortoise's well being mentally/physically


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Jul 31, 2022
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I've been questioning about this for a while and it's starting to haunt my thoughts since im also gonna adopt a baby sulcata (3-4 months old)and the day is getting closer and closer, having done a decent amount of research (like 2 months or so) Still, i just think there is still so much trivial questions that needs to be consulted about because these trivial questions is what usually makes me anxious and overthink, since there could be no answer to it

Like, Enclosure sizes, what kind of impact that would inflict the tortoise if one keeps it in a tiny enclosure say about 27x27in or 30x30in???
Would it affect them mentally? And make them mildly stressed and depressed? And ended up degraded/declined their mental state?
Would it tremendously affect their physical well being and their growth?? Causing them to have some sort of deficiency or disorder in their growth,health,anatomy,appearance,interal organs, and etc?? Ended up making them sick,disabled, and possibly dead??

I apologize if these questions come off as convoluted and stuff but that's just how crazy those questions has haunted me, i would be really grateful if someone can shed a light and give a detailed,in-depth, and scientific(probably?) lecture regarding this topic

You could say this this is just one of those shower thoughts that made it to be interesting enough to caught my attention this much but i know it would be useful if i acknowledge it, Because i want to give the best care for my future baby and that means i need to know even just the trivial topics because small things can lead to bigger ones, And who knows? I could be sharing this info to my friends as well since they are also interested in adopting a sulcata, but we're all still learning.

Thank you!