tortoise health

  1. ManAlive85

    RI or sinus problems?

    I’ve kept a growing collection of Indian Stars for the last three years. The oldest is a male I’ve had since he was a 30g hatchling, he now weighs over 800g. He eats everything in sight and is very active. I follow the advice prescribed on this forum quite closely in terms of habitat and...
  2. Minitortoise

    Sulcata tortoise health

    hello! 1 or 2 years ago(not sure when) my family adopted a baby sulcata tortoise, I recently found out it’s gender again, she’s a female. She’s, unfortunately, been living in a big enclosure that was meant for two bunnies we used to have. We recently moved her to a better home meant for...
  3. R

    Tortoise not eating / freaking out

    Hi everyone, Rowdy the Russian tortoise is about seven years old now. Everything was fine up until a three days ago when I noticed he started ramming the walls and decor in his enclosure. I thought this was odd so I looked closer and he was walking around with his head sucked in his shell. I...
  4. A

    Help! Redness and runny poo!

    I have a Hermann’s tortoise and I have had her for about a year. I have started noticing some redness on her growth lines and she has been having some runny poop recently. Her diet consists of mustard greens, turnip greens and dandelion greens mostly. I sprinkle her food with calcium once a...
  5. Kristielllen

    Watery poop?!

    Hi! My new to me spekes hingeback tortoise is having runny poop. When I first got her, I got her to the car and she immediately pooped. It was watery but was definitely a regular poop color, but had a pretty bad smell. Two days later she pooped again, it was a lot less but it was still watery...
  6. Marginated.Oakley

    Does my tortoise’s belly look normal?

    I looked at the underside of my 7 mo a marginated tort and was curious why there’s are indentations along the tummy. Could someone please give some advice of why this might happen? Thank you!!
  7. P

    Concerned about my new Russian tortoise

    Hi, I got my first tortoise a few days ago. I’m new to this and I’m concerned for him so I’m looking for any help. Is his shell unhealthy? Also he is missing two nails on one of his front legs. But one of the places it is missing has grown scales over it so I don’t think it will grow back
  8. U

    Need help save my radiated tortoise

    Good morning everyone, I need help desperately. My radiata is about 30 years old. A few months back he stopped eating and became lethargic. He has been seen by multiple exotic vets and treated mainly with antibiotics, via injection and orally. A couple of weeks back, a feeding tube was...
  9. H


    Emergency! Born June 24th, 2020 this little girl Honu was always a sweet, active, happy baby tort. Out of the litter some liked to charge but this girl was always very sweet. Hence why I think she's a girl. Here's a ton of pictures to help describe her issue she's going through. Im fairly...
  10. O

    Red line near face?? (nose and eye)

    Hello!! I’m so sorry if im posting in the wrong place or wrong way, but this website is a little confusing to navigate ? My tortoise (I don’t know the exact species, but if I had to make an educated guess I would say Russian) (I also have no idea what gender he is) just got this red line that...
  11. F

    Tortoise won’t stay awake for long

    I have a 4 month old Sulcata. For the last 10 or so days he has not been opening his eyes. I began soaking him everyday in warm water and recently added carrot baby food and pedialyte to his baths. I also added some pedialyte to his pool. I also use eye drops everyday. He only opens his eyes...
  12. ashleymiller28

    Young Sulcata has URI, should I bring her to the vet?

    Hello, about a month ago I took my sulcata to the vet and she prescribed her ciprofloxacin to be taken orally every other day over the course of two weeks. As my tortoise finished up her medicine, she began to go back to normal (being very active, eating and going to the bathroom regularly)...
  13. Isabel Casiño

    No activity since we changed countries

    After we moved here to Alabama my RF King was having problems adjusting, he still does and its been over 5 months already. In these 5 months he hasn't eaten properly, just a nibble of his food occasionally and he stays in the house area of his new enclosure (a shaded dark area separated from the...
  14. ashleymiller28

    Dark spots under shell for sulcata tortoise?

    Hello! Just this morning I picked up my sulcata tortoise (I am guessing she is around 7-8 months, I received her in May of this year) and inspected the underside of her shell. I was surprised to see those dark little half circles near the bottom as just a few weeks ago I checked her underside...
  15. D

    Mr. T’s Hurt Leg

    We have, some type of, California Desert Tortoise that has recently been injured. For some time, not sure how long, he was stuck with a lead/rope around his front arm that was left on a chair in the yard after a dog bath. Somehow the tortoise had managed to get it so tightly wrapped around his...
  16. FecesMcGee123


    Today I was walking my tortoises in their outdoor enclosure when one of them ate something toxic. He ingested about an inch of young English Ivy leaf and half an inch of Creeping Buttercup stem. Pls help, I don’t know what to do.
  17. A

    Star tortoise bruises/bump on tail

    Hello all, I'm new here so trying how this works. My name is Dolly and my tortoise is Milo, a female Indian Star. I've had Milo since almost 8 years now, she's 9 years old. Since 3-4 days she's having these bruises/bumps/abrasions on the underside of her tail. She's never had these before and...
  18. feefofum

    Clear bubbles coming out of nostrils

    Hi everyone! I just got a 2-month old marginated tortoise last Wednesday and named him (going with him right now but who knows haha) Houdini. This is my first time raising a tortoise so I did all the research I can beforehand. Also read Chris' care sheet on marginated tortoises and that's...
  19. Honeybunnfarms

    Normal Russian Tortoise health

    Hi! I just got my first tortoise a few weeks ago! (Rosie is her name, thinking she is a girl) She has been pretty active although kinda sleepy too, is this normal? She will hide and sleep randomly throughout the day and I want to make sure she’s doing ok! Also what I’ve read about urates, hers...
  20. C

    Need advice/help withba sulcata

    I noticed today one of my Sulcatas thats very solitary and grunoy it seems, nit as active as my other sulcata that he lives with, hes always chilling by his self digged in or sleeping, the ither is always active and moving and aware as the other isn’t buthe seems fine and healthy. He gets active...