1. O

    Pyramiding and weight check!

    Hi everyone! I have an almost 1 and a half year old eastern/dalmatian hermann's tortoise and I was wondering if anyone here could help me out. Dash is my very first pet, I love him (or her!) with all my heart and I just want to make sure I'm giving him the best life I can. Although i did...
  2. C

    Any help is appreciated... Thank you in advance!

    Hello everyone, I am writing this post as I have recently rescued a snow leopard tortoise, I had noticed a guy had one up for sale on kijiji and the condition of him looked horrible so I picked him up the same day and immediately took him to the vet. I named him Jambo. Jambo is two years old...
  3. LordTurtlington

    Lord Turtlington introduction

    My name is Lord Turtlington, I am a 6(ish) month old Sulcata Tortoise living in London. My owner is trying their best to take good care of me but would love some advice especially when it comes to the English climate and food to eat as there’s such conflicting information online! I am 9cm long...
  4. AJPotato

    Leopard Tort Weight

    First off, thank you to everyone who posts on here... as a new tort owner this forum has answered a lot of questions and eased a lot of worries :D But this is my first actual post as I need specific advice lol. Just over a month ago I got my 9 month old Leopard tortoise, Butters, weighing in at...
  5. baileypete

    Leapard Tortoise Weight Update!

    EDIT: Pictures got mixed up while uploading, so they're not in order. I posted about my leapard tortoises weight awhile ago wanting to know if he looked healthy, and if it seemed like he was on the right track in his growth. I mainly just wanted to know since I got Victor (my leapard) from...
  6. GorgoiseTortoise


    Hey friends!! So - I am pretty new to the whole tortoise ownership thing and I want Chelóna to be the best and healthiest she can be. Baby Ninja is about 7 months old. I just weighed her for the first time. She was about 124g/4.35oz. I am afraid I am coddling her or feeding her too much :( I...
  7. fangurley

    Is my tortoise growing properly?

    Hello! I got my first reptile/tortoise last November at a reptile expo. I bought a leopard tortoise and when I got them the seller said they were 7 weeks old. I think they were about 46g when I got them. Right now they are 65g (about 7 months old) and I've seen posts online before saying...
  8. C

    4 years old Indian star growth

    Hi I'm new to this site, just joined as wanted to know about my four year old Indian star. I weight it every month and it usually put on 3 grams each time. Has done for the past 3 years and currently weighs 87g following a drop of 5g during last month. Last year there was also a drop of 5g in...
  9. R

    Is my tortoise underweight?

    My Horsfield tortoise is just under 20 years old and measures 6 inches across his back from his tail to the front of his shell. I've read online that for his size he should weight around 900g to 1000g but he only weighs 523g. I feed him almost every day and most days. These days he's mostly been...
  10. gregcalverley0327

    Russian tortoise weight

    I’m just curious if anyone knows about how much weight a tortoise looses during egg laying? I’ve noticed a lot of breeding with my tortoises and was hoping to be able to weigh the female once or twice a week or so and be able to tell when she laid her eggs instead of digging each day to look, or...
  11. E

    Am I right?

    Hi, My tortoise hatched on November 2018. So, soon it will be 1 year old. This is my first time to raise tortoise. Just I would like to share the weight of my tortoise for one year. How does it look? Is everything fine? Also, should I concern about any pyramiding? Thanks in advance.
  12. mmace

    Created an Android app for Jackson & Donaghue ratios

    Hi, I've tried to contact the site owners to see if this is OK to post using the "contact us" page, but had no reply, so I hope it is and apologies if it isn't. I wrote an app last week for tortoise owners to check the Jackson or Donaghue ratios as my wife noticed there wasn't one in the Play...
  13. yusufning

    Ideal weight of a 9cm (3.5 inches) leopard

    Hi, I have a 9cm (3.5 inches) leopard that weighs 150g (5.5 ounces). Is this normal? Thanks
  14. ayrgrn

    Jackson Ratio Confusion

    Hello all, Didn't know where to post this so sorry if in the wrong place! I'm a bit confused about the Jackson Ratio weight-length chart/calculator. I have been using the calculator on https://www.tortoise-protection-group.org.uk/site/171.asp for the last 6 weeks of having my Hermann's tort and...
  15. M

    First time hibernation and weight questions

    Hello! I was thinking about hibernating my 3 year old Horsfield tortoise (called Queenie) for the first time. For the moment she lives on a tortoise table inside. I have bought a small fridge for the hibernation. I've read lots (maybe too much) online and I am confused. I have many...
  16. M

    Baby Sulcata concerns about weight gain

    Hello Everybody! I got my hatchling sulcata, Geode, on September 22, 2018 and today is January 21, 2018. When I got him, he weighed 50.5g and today, four months later, he only weights 59.9g. I was under the impression that slow growth was good for these babies, but after doing so more...