1st vet visit, URI, deworming w/photos


Mar 10, 2014
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Oxford, Ohio, USA
Took my red-footed friend to the vet today. It was a freebie from Jack's Pet where I bought him from, except for the deworming and the meds. I was very happy with the quality of the service as I have a lot of experience with vets for exotics from my parrot rescue days.
Well my little one did quite well on the trip despite the cold day. I wrapped him up, put him in the container I use for his soaks, pre warmed him with a heating pad, cut some holes in the lid, and put the whole thing in his travel box. I plugged in the warmer as soon as I got to the vet. The vet was pretty pleased with the setup.
So we had finally settled on "Emmet" as his name instead of Leopold or Carl only to find out that he is most likely a girl, back to square one on that but the least of her problems for now.
She has lost a few more grams over the week. Vet did a deworming which I photographed because I was amazed at how he gently pried her head out and put that long tube down her throat to administer the medicine past the "s" of her neck so she couldn't spit it back.
She has wet irritated eyes and a minor URI but he said I caught it early and she wasn't in a lot of distress but she is weak. Now after reading the forum all week I was mentally sitting under the sorting hat (Harry Potter joke here) saying...
"not baytril, not baytril" quietly to myself when they vet smiled at me and said "don't worry, I don't even HAVE a bottle of baytril here". He went on to tell me that he swears some vets use a baytril meter to diagnose saying the look at a tortoise and remark instantly "seems your pet is low on baytril". He gave her an injection of antibiotics and sent me home with a few more syringes as I will have to do the next few myself. I've done this for other pets before but still not looking forward to it.
Vet said to keep her in the tank a few weeks to keep her cozy and move her to something bigger later. A good soak and a few bites of food and she is in for a long sleep now. She is 4", 188 g and he thinks about 1 1/2 years or so. He gave me the numbers for a local reptile organization and rescues in case I ever want/need them and I though that was pretty cool. I changed out the heating lamp and coved most of the tank screen with foil for now to keep the temperature more consistent, got my temperature and humidity gauges and all is exactly as it should be. ImageUploadedByTortForum1394838409.642200.jpg ImageUploadedByTortForum1394838424.390726.jpg
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mike taylor

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Oct 28, 2012
Hope everything works out . I had to give my reds the same shots. It was no fun .

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