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redfooted olivia

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Sep 20, 2018
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Portland Oregon
Hello all,
Ive had olivia for about 80 days now. she's a 2 year old (3.5 in). ive been able to observe her behavior, and she seems like she is almost always in her hide. the heat lamp is positioned above her hide on the opposite end of the enclosure as her water. ive never observed her bask bofore..? i keep it at around 80 degrees and mid humidity (i have a reptile humidifier going almost always) and a spray. although i take her out / move her around the enclosure 1-3 times a day, ive only seen her come out on her own a handful of times, almost every time I take her out she heads for the hide. When i do, it's to feed her, or give her a soak or drink. but I've never seen her eat independently. the food usually dries up before she has a chance to get to it. is this normal baby tort behavior, because ive heard they're more inclined to hide before reaching 6 inches in length where they will have outgrown almost of their preditors. p.s. do tortoises diets fluxcuate at all? p.p.s she has trouble opening left eye sometimes.. it helps if i mist her.. is that normal?


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