Best Substrate?


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Sep 4, 2010
I've tried a number of substates over the years, peat moss with cypress mulch on top, coco coir with cypress mulch on top. I live in the north east and can't keep Sheldon outside. Since getting Sheldon over 10 years ago I've noticed the dust in our house is brown. I have numerous health issues so am looking for something safer for both Sheldon and my family. Especially since it's in the dust, I'm guessing we might be breathing this stuff in. So I'm wondering what is the best and safest substrate you all have found for an indoor red foot?


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Jan 9, 2010
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Fine grade orchid bark. Use 3-4 inches of it. The bottom layers will stay damp and the upper layers dryish, which is good for a RF.

If you are having dust it is because your substrate is too dry. If you are adding water regularly and it is still dry, you need to add more water more frequently. Closing in the top or switching to a closed chamber will make your life much easier and your tortoise's life much better.