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Apr 24, 2020
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I’ve had my tort for 2.5ish years now and he is around 3/4. I have previously not burmated(?) them before as I am first time owner, so just ensured the temps all year round as didn’t want to risk him not waking.

I will soon be moving and there is discussion over the cost of heating the table throughout the winter especially with energy prices rocketing in the UK and not knowing what things will cost. I am now having to consider burmation as an option throughout winter.

My questions are; is this an advisable plan at all? is it safe to start burmation at this age? What time of year do I start? There is also a tortoise bnb service which provide burmation boarding with wind down and waking periods where they take care of the process, I have used the place before for other tortoise supplies but does this sound too risky? If there’s a helpsheet at all that would answer this please let me know.


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Jan 9, 2010
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Here is some help for you, and questions are welcome. I lay it all out at post #19 if you want to skip ahead:

More here too:

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