Burrows holding temps, LOVE IT


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Aug 21, 2013
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It was the coldest it's been here so far this winter season, 39 degs F when I woke up. Being in the Arizona desert that is flippin' freezing (I may be a tortoise from another life, ha, ha, ha). Both DT's went to sleep later this year than all the previous, we've had some amazingly warm and wonderful weather. This is their first brumation in their new burrows. I watched the temps of their newly constructed burrows last year and saw temps I knew were right and amazingly steady (while they slept in the garage, due to construction of their enclousures). They've always brumated in burrows outside, but I made major changes and completely rebuilt seperate new enclosures for them last winter.

Today's temps - Air temp 39 Degs, moist ground temp (due to rain) 41 Degs, Burrow ground temp 52 Degs, Burrow Air Temp 48 Degs.


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Feb 26, 2014
I'm in Phoenix area also.....burrrr for sure to me!

My DT has been in her burrow outside, hasn't been out in a few days. She was going to the opening to get sun in the afternoon before we got all this cold wet weather. I hear it's gonna warm up.