Closed Eyes + some times tears


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Apr 30, 2019
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My tortoise was active and healthy didn't have any problems one day I left and before I left I gave my tortoise to a friend to take care of the tortoise because I couldn't take it with me. and when I came back it didn't want to eat or drink but after a while it started to drink and it ate once out of six times since I came back
it's activity has changed and became less active but I am thinking thats because the weather has became a little bit cold at night
and before I have left the city it was hot

Now the problem is that from about three days her eyes shut but not suddenly at first day it was closing for alittle bit of time and I thought It was sleeping but at the second day her eyes were starting to shut completly and today she opened her eyes and some tears were coming out I don't know what it is, I am assuming that she has dry eyes
tell me what to do , what medicine should I buy and If I can get it from amazon
and tell me the causes of this and what maight happen to my tortoise
Please help ASAAP!!!