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This is a game I play called fictional future. First there is a scenario. You read it, then you pick an option of what you are going to do next. You then post the option you picked. Either me or anyone else will decide the fate of your choice.

The scenario:

A famous fast food restaurant is offering a life time supply of burgers for 70,000 dollars. Even when that person dies, his children will keep receiving burgers every day. Some thing about the deal seems fishy, but there is a huge line of people. You check the reviews of the restaurant. It has a positive review on the restaurant's burger deal. Many people are saying it is legit. You are getting ready to pay 70,000 dollars to the owner of the restaurant for the deal. Right before you pay... you get a feeling of doubt.

What will you do?:

A.) Just pay up! Free burgers for me!

B.) Trust your gut. It's a scam. You wouldn't want to loose 70,000 dollars, would you?

C.) That sounds too good to be true, but people are saying it's great! I should ask the owner of the store for proof.

Reply if you chose A, B, or C. Either me or someone else will decide the fate of your answer.

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Say no... ull have a heart attack before u eat 5000 dollars worth


Say no... ull have a heart attack before u eat 5000 dollars worth

You don't buy the burger deal and you decide to go home. Even though it was legit, the burgers were found tainted with dangerous germs. The restaurant was closed down due to health concerns. They had a roach, and rat infestation with a very dirty kitchen. The burgers where also very greasy, and each burger had 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 calories. Too bad your friend has already eaten 70 burgers.

You are glad that you didn't buy the burgers, and you decide never to eat burgers again.

The end


Next scenario:

Killer alligator snapping turtles are on the loose! They have already snapped everything in your neighborhood, and they are heading towards your house.

Nonnative alligator snapping turtle caught in Fairfax County | WTOP

What do you do?

A.) Run! Take every thing with you and run! I don't want to have my fingers snapped off!

B.) Spray 'em turtles with bear spray. Fight these beasts. Stamp and crush them. Destroy them!

C.) I want to continue watching youtube. Ignore the turtles. They just want attention.

D.) Feed them pizza. They are just hungry.

Post your reply.

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