Help! Redfoot not eating!


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Apr 3, 2020
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Hi everyone, my baby redfoot oogway hasn’t eaten for over a week now.
We don’t know what sex oogway is yet but just refer as he because it’s easier.
I am a uni student who has had to go back home due to the coronavirus lockdown and I brought my tortoise (and his vivarium) with me. Since coming home with me, oogway hasn’t been eating, apart from the pinkies he has once a week, which he’s been gobbling down. Usually after environment changes like moving, oogway doesn’t eat for a couple of days and then eats again like normal so this is really unusual for him and I’m really worried.
I’ve been giving him curly kale, spinach, radicchio (his favourite), lambs lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, kiwi, apple, banana, strawberries, blueberries and occasionally some parsley and he just turns his nose down at all of it.
His viv temperature is currently at a gradient of 25C to 22.5 C. He has coco substrate mixed with bark chips. His humidity is currently at 85% and he has his special UVB light bulb for reptiles.
What am I doing wrong? Someone help me please!

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Jan 23, 2008
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The most common cause for a young tortoise to not eat is because he's not warm enough, and I really think 22 to 25 isn't quite warm enough. I keep all my species of babies in closed enclosures with overall temperatures of 80-85F degrees, day and night. This is especially true for a redfooted tortoise. Just tweak the temperature up a bit and don't allow it to drop at night. Everything else seems quite ok to me. It could be that the new spot where you have the enclosure sitting has a draft or isn't quite as warm as it was at Uni. Hopefully he'll settle in and start eating once you get it a little warmer.

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