Hermann’s hibernating with head stuck out

Gaynor B

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Oct 1, 2017
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Runcorn, England
Can anyone advise please? I’m in the UK and have a 4 year old Hermanns. This is the first time I’ve hibernated him and planned to use the fridge method. He had his wind down and 2 week fast and then we realised he was too big for the fridge we planned on using. Because he had already did his wind down, I used the box method instead. I was a little worried that it might not be cold enough as it is still mild for this time of year. I’ve just checked on him (it’s day 4 since boxing him up) and he appears to be asleep but he doesn’t seem to have buried into the soil and his head is stuck right out with his eyes closed. Is he still settling in or should I be concerned? I can’t find any information about how he should look but I presumed he would be tucked in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated