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Oct 10, 2018
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I have a Russian tort that we are not going to hibernate, we need to bring him in as it is now getting too cold for him at night in his outside run, just to say we live in the south of England (uk), we have an indoor table for him which I have just modified to allow us to use coco coir, he has a humid retreat & wil have a slate plate under his lamp for under shell heating, lamp is combined UVA UVB & IR, this worked fine last year.
We are not sure how old he is,we think he may be well over 20 years old he is about 6 inches long but was fed the wrong food when he was a baby so he is a bit flat in the shell area, as you can see from the pictures, this means we have to be a little careful what we put in his run & on his table as if he tips himself over he can’t always get back the right way. In the photos he is wandering about indoors at the moment as I have not finished his table, he is quite at home wandering about, I know some say you should not do this as when you put them back on their table they get feisty but lightning(that’s his name) is normally so tired after all the exercise he just goes to sleep.

13C3FA29-09B6-4302-9C44-ADC26E14A44D.jpeg 5FAAD650-CDE5-499E-B093-D477DE5EF1CB.jpeg F67C776F-C008-4836-BC6A-F632863FFC54.jpeg CDC2755E-EA4C-41D2-A458-6DB92BE1A72B.jpeg


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Sep 6, 2011
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He looks pretty normal shelled except the slight pyramiding. Russians are a little flatter shaped then the more domed species.
We don't recommend roaming the floors not because of them getting fiesty but because there is too many dangers in an uncontrolled environment like our human floors. Besides it's always a lot colder on the floor.