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Jan 17, 2019
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Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster.

This is my girl Juno. I'm assuming female since her messed up scutes were probably caused by her incubation temperature being too high. I've had her since February and they told me they thought she was about 3 months old, no idea if that's true. She's more than tripled in size so far.

Anyway. I cover her enclosure at night with the lid to trap in humidity. Overnight her humidity is around 90%, but the temp drops to ~73 F. Is that too cold?

Then during the day, I can only manage to keep the humidity around 50-60. But I figured the high humidity overnight is enough plus she has a humid hide.

Second question is, when can I stop worrying about humidity so much? When she's a year old? Or I thought I read 4 inches long somewhere.

Thank you wonderful, smart people!20190801_071447.jpeg20190703_072341.jpeg


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Jun 12, 2018
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Tucson, AZ
The overnight temps can get down to low 70s with no worry. If you are ever concerned that it's too cold, you could put in a CHE (ceramic heat emitter) to keep the enclosure warm at night.

The babies usually burrow at night so they are comfortable and warm. The humidity levels you have are fine. Plus you have the humid hide. After a few years the humidity won't be such a necessity.

Also, the mis-scutes can happen regardless of incubation temperature. Higher temps do encourage female gender, but it's never a guarantee.

Here's a very thorough care sheet on the Hermann's. It will cover everything you need to know, including about the humidity and temperatures.

Cute baby, by the way [emoji4]


Feb 21, 2019
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Hi. I also have a hatching and wondered the same thing about night temp and humidity. I have read the care sheet and many posts, I can't find the answer. I live in UK and the temperature in the house can Drop to 18 over night.

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