Is my tortoise impacted?


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Sep 14, 2023
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Manchester UK
Hi, I noticed 4 of these spikes missing, I’ve found 3 in his substrate so I’m worried he’s eaten one last night!
I can’t tell if he’s been less active or not today as I haven’t had him long so I don’t know how active a tortoise is supposed to be! I’ve given him a bath and he did a couple of poops and he seemed himself when I let him wonder round but I can’t tell if he’s been quieter than usual the rest of the day. He’s eaten today but I don’t feel it’s as much as usual.
I’m just worried if he could have a blockage or it could injure him. He’s probably acting the same as usual and I’m probably just being paranoid but I worry about him



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Sep 6, 2011
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Likely he will be fine. I would feed him some watery foods along with his normal food to help it along to pass thru if he did eat it. Foods like cucumber and regular head lettuce. Just keep a closer eye on him the next two days. If he ate it, it should pass thru tomorrow or next day. If anything changes for the worse I would get him in for an x-ray. But like I said, he likely will be fine.