Leopard Tortoise


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Jan 28, 2020
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Hi everyone! I was given a tortoise hatchling last summer after it was found in a neighbor’s yard and the owners could not be located. I was told he/she was a sulcata (best guess at the time). Seven months later, Zen has only grown one inch in length and his/her shell color and pattern has changed drastically. I have a leopard tortoise, right?! Also Zen seems really light in color to me. Is this just a variation? I have posted a picture of him when I first got him and a picture of him recently for comparison. Thanks!

F5B64D19-A37E-458C-8467-05E7EC0AD7B1.jpeg C47792E9-DC98-4EA9-BEC1-D8E4BE28F7DA.jpeg
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