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Jun 1, 2019
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Help: Tort Lethargic

I have a Russian Tort who I purchased from a local reptile store 3 months ago. He is ailing!

Over the last 6 weeks he has become increasingly lethargic.

Here’s some numbers:

-age 5

-5 1/4” carapace

-14 3/4 oz. on 2/23/19

-15 oz. on 4/5/19

-14 1/4 oz. on. 5/31/19

Here is pic of his enclosure:

I have read this blog frequently and have followed the knowledge conveyed closely:

-variety of foods: kale, chard, carrot tops, sweet potato, green beans

-soaks 2-3 times a week

-UV A/B light on 12 hours a day

-enclosure temp/humidity 70-80 F/45%

-temp. 92 F at basking stone

Not sure what is wrong but increasingly lethargic for over a month, now for a week mostly lying still with eyes closed all day and night (eyes look clear and bright when he does open them), minimal movement from day to day, refusing all food (last food over 1 week ago). Soak “wakes him up” briefly but he then returns to his torpor.

Enclosure is new starting about 6 weeks ago: built with blog’s recommendations (red oak, linseed oil stain-dried for 1 week-thin layers of water based sealant-dried for 1 week, bath curtain lined, soil is Reptisoil)

My next step is moving hium to new enclosure. Any other help would be appreciated.


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Sep 6, 2011
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First he needs a bigger variety of foods. Less sweet potato and green beans and kale.
I would for now soak him daily and add pedialyte and baby food carrots to the warm soak water.
The enclosure temps etc seem fine.
See what others suggest too.

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