My Greek Spur thighed doesn’t bury her eggs

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May 25, 2013
I live in Cyprus where I have a female Greek spur thighed tortoise which was found as a stray, wandering down the road. she lives in an outside run, all year round. I have 2 males who are very attentive and very active courting and mating with her! I’ve had her since 2013 but I have no idea how old she is, although I would say she was fully grown when I got her. Last year was the first time that she laid eggs, 4 in total, a few days apart. She didn’t bury any of them despite there being areas of loose soft soil in her outdoor run. I followed internet advice and took them out of the run and carefully buried them but none hatched. This year she has now laid 3 eggs but hasn’t buried any. So my questions for all the experts here are,
A) why doesn’t she bury the eggs?
B) should I move them ( I’ve found broken shells in the run)
C) should I bury them?
D) am I missing something?
I hope you can help because I’d love some babies! 2ADE674A-D95C-42DD-AA32-4CD9F9EE0D19.jpeg


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Sep 6, 2011
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First if you have two males in with one female, I'm amazed she has the strength to even lay the eggs
You should seperate them all as two males together is bad and one female to one Male is bad, so they all really need their own space.
As for the eggs, she may be too stressed or bothered by the two males to dig a nest.
You should incubate them yourself if you want them to hatch.