Rehoming Two Sulcata

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Oct 25, 2019
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Good Afternoon,

After a lot of discussion and sadness, my wife and I have decided to rehome our two Sulcata. When we got our tortoises, we were in the process of looking for homes with big yards (we had a small one), but family changes mean we won't be moving to the area we wanted to, nor will we be staying where we are now. We will be moving to a different area which would give our two tortoises a much worse living environment. They would not have a lot of space at all to roam and it would not be good for them. Sadly, we decided it was in the best interest of them both to find them a good, forever home.

We will still be keeping our redfoot and getting some buddies for him when we finalize the move, as we have enough space and a good environment for him.


We adopted our first Suclata, Hagrid, when we found someone on craigslist who couldn't take care of him. When I went to visit, I saw the conditions he was in, and brought him home. He had strong pyramiding, but it has gotten very smooth on the new growth. We have had him for three and a half wonderful years and he has grown and been taken care of here. He is (estimated from the last owner) about 10 years old and quite a big boy. Have not weighed him in a bit, but I'm taking him to the vet soon for a check up to make sure he is in excellent health to whoever ends up adopting him, so i can report the weight then. He is a great eater and actually does eat the Mazuri LS (more fiber) mix that a lot of tortoises don't like. He also likes the normal Mazuri. His diet is grass, spring mix, some occasional squash, mazuri, 1x a month he gets a fruit, and he has been doing excellent and growing. Not a big lover of hay, but maybe someone else will have luck.

He has a chip on the bottom of a back scute, but it is closed up and doesn't bother him. A vet saw him and gave him the thumbs up. He also has a scratch on the top of his shell from when he flipped himself on a rock and kept moving back and forth on it until he bled a bit. It was pretty superficial and vet also gave him the ok. These were both about 3 years ago.


Our second sulcata, Tanque, is about 4 years old and she has grown quite a bit as well. She is over a foot long now but I haven't weighed her in some time. She is a voracious eater and has done quite well after being moved outside about a year and a half ago. She eats mainly grass with mazuri 2x a week. She also gets a (smaller) fruit 1x a month, as well as the occasional squash.

If you are seriously interested in giving a home to our babies (or 1 of the babies), please let me know. Be warned, I would like some photos of enclosure, I'd like to know your experience with Sulcata, do you intend to keep them or rehome them, and are you looking to breed them (just curious on the last one). I'd prefer someone who can give them a forever home; the home we really tried our best to give them, but we are heartbroken we cannot.

This has been a difficult decision, but we take solace in knowing it's for the best of our babies.


We are asking for a rehoming fee to keep away the trolls. We will include Mazuri LS and can provide CHEs that are setup in their homes. Contact for more information.
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