(Somewhat) urgent


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Dec 26, 2020
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Forth Worth, Texas
I live in Texas and we are not made for power outages and cold weather. At one point our power went off almost 20 hours. I am expecting at least one more outage since there is more ice and snow coming. Anyways, how can I keep my aquarium warm? I think I can get a battery powered air pump, but we do not have a generator for a heater. I lost one rasbora and do not want the numbers to go any higher


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Feb 27, 2020
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New Jersey
Yeah. It's risky.

Obviously, don't try anything that will produce carbon monoxide indoors. People are dying from all sorts of accidents with running cars, bringing grills indoors, stoves, and the like.

If you have an outdoor fire pit or grill, you can try heating pots of snow and icicles. Then you can control the pour rate into the tank.

Cover the aquarium with a heavy quilt to retain what heat is still there.