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Jan 23, 2019
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I currently keep my sulcata in a 60x28x18 inches / 152x71x45cm black tub with a closed top covered with foil. I want to upgrade him to 2 of the tubs pictured below that would be together 120x60x20 inches / 304x152x50cm but since I will have to clean his enclosure also I need to cover the top for humidity and make a door so I can access the enclosure.

I thought about covering the top completely with a plastic board from my local hardware store and then put all my lights under it directly in the enclosure.
I think I will cut on two sides of the walls a door for me to access. I think it's better to go with plastic than with wood on the whole build just cause plastic is way more durable.

If I do this all costs would be about 400€ or 453 $ for the build.

Do u think this is a good price tag for the dimensions?

If u have a cheaper idea with the same or more dimensions pls let me know :)
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