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    English Bulldogs

    I have an 8 year old male bully.
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    Tortoise table

    I used a shower curtain for mine, but my Russian has put holes in the corners, just to give you a heads up. I just put a piece of wood in the corner, & when I change the substrate next I will just change it out.
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    48hrs in and he's making me nervous (Update after vet)

    Awe man, glad you took her/him to the vet but sure wish you would have gotten better news. Wow, I wish we had vet like that by me, she sounds great! Can't wait to see you new addition when you do get one.
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    48hrs in and he's making me nervous (Update after vet)

    RE: 48hrs in and he's making me nervous Sounds like you are doing everything right. Sorry I can't offer more help, but to offer a little comfort I understand you concern our guy is acting the same way right now. I too was worried we were doing something wrong. I am no expert by any means (this...
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    Baby Russian hatched

    Oh my goodness how cute! Congrats!!
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    Sounds like the same problem we are having with Fred. Like you, I continue to turn his lights on & try to keep him awake; I have also been doing soaks. I also purchased another UV light thinking more "sun" would help. This is our first year with Fred so I am really trying to keep him awake this...
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    Russian tortoise enclosure

    Nice place Walter has. Our guy, Fred, is acting a different too; he is having some trouble staying awake. I just keep moving him back under the basking light & offering him soaks. I also bought another UV lamp hoping more "sun" will help him wake up. I know my temps are good, so if the extra UV...
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    I have a Russian that is doing the same thing lately...He is "normal" once we wake him up, but not ready to "get out of bed" on his own. Maybe it's just their biological clock? IDK. I have been doing soaks once a day (or every other) to help keep him awake. Sorry I can't help, best of luck.
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    Another surprise!

    Awe too cute; congrats!
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    Preparing for a Hermann hatchling

    Hi, Congrats in advance on your new addition. I have only had my little guy for about 3-4 months so I am not an expert by any means. I use something similar to what you posted; it's called Coconut Substrate from Zoo Med. Here is the link, I buy the bricks & just let them soak. I also put some...
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    Hello from my Russian tortoise and me

    Hi- Welcome, what a cute picture.
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    How deep to make the substrate?

    My RTs substrate is about 3 inches, but I am going to make the one end where he sleeps deeper.
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    This will make you laugh

    I just saw that on FB too.
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    This will make you laugh

    Thought you all may get a kick out of this picture I saw online...
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    Yermak the Russians Thread

    Yeah I have one in there but he doesn't seem interested in it in the least-at least not that I have seen. I also have been laying his food on a slate title to try to trim it down a little.