advice wanted

  1. C

    Personality between tortoise breeds

    Hi everyone! I’m trying to soak up as much information as I can before taking the plunge to my new lifelong (hopefully!) friend. One area I’m having trouble finding info on is the personality comparisons between the small to medium sized tortoise breeds! I understand each tortoise is different...
  2. Feral

    Help! Lost Leopard Tortoise

    My leopard tortoise Moses disappeared from my fenced in yard last Friday (a branch knocked out a part of it and I didn't realize til too late). He's about 12" long, so not exactly hard to spot! I've searched the neighborhood, but unfortunately, my property backs up into 51 acres of woods and...
  3. fallingmiles

    Greek? Russian? or??? And many other questions

    Hello, a tortoise was found in the parking lot of my wife work. Looks like she's had it a bit rough. She has damage to her shell, some missing toenails, but beyond that, she is very active and seems to be in good health. We believe she has been out in the wilds for a while now. Here are my...
  4. jsharpminer

    2 1/2 year old Leopard Tortoise pyramiding

    Hello all! I have a 2 1/2 year old Leopard Tortoise that has some pyramiding, and I have been going out of my mind trying to figure out how to prevent it. I got her at one year old (with some pyramiding already), and followed all the guides on this forum about closed chambers, diet, daily...
  5. S

    Hey Everyone! -and some advice please!

    Hello everyone! I am new to tortoise forum, but I hear it is a great platform to use when you have a tortoise. I recently haven't had much spare time to get involved, but thankfully this afternoon I have a good amount of free time! :) I have a 5 (almost 6) month old tortoise named Squeakers. At...
  6. agnes&theo

    Diarrhea in 4YO Burmese Star

    Hi everyone. My four year old, male Burmese Star tortoise has had diarrhea that I found in their enclosure. We cleaned him up and he drank some water in the bath for dehydration and was awake, alert, and wanted to run around and eat. His tail was all matted in poop though. There was no...
  7. E

    Need advice about baby red foot tortoise

    Hi, I’m new to this so I don’t even know if I’m posting this question in the right place but I bought two baby (6month) red foot tortoises and a ‘beginners set up’ from my local pet shop and basically I think they didn’t give me enough information and was just misleading me and wanting to rip me...
  8. C

    Help on a fireplace enclosure for a baby cherry head

    I've looked through the threads on enclosures for babies and they've been very helpful, but I have a bit of a unique idea in mind and I want to make sure this will work for my prospective tort. I live in a very old house in New Hampshire and I have a large blocked off brick fireplace that I...
  9. Curious-cat

    What tortoise is this?

    Hi , I found a turtle out on the road (i'm in France Paris) and I don't know what species it is? I was thinking Hermann? (It probably escaped someones yard...)
  10. abbieeemarron

    Too big? Too small? Just right?

    I have two Herman tortoises both hatched in the same year (2015) however one is massively bigger than the other (see pic). Tortoise 1 is 387g, 12.4cm carpice Tortoise 2 is 177g, 9.4cm carpice According the Jackson ratio they are both healthy and they are both certainly happy. They’ve had a vet...
  11. jsharpminer

    Two Story Indoor Enclosure

    Hello, I am new to this forum but I had a question I was hoping to get some advice on. I have seen a lot of indoor hatchling/juvenile tortoise enclosures with a ramp leading to a second level. I have a 1 year old leopard tortoise, and her indoor enclosure is a 40 gallon glass tank that I...
  12. H

    Tortoise Diaries - Hatching failure syndrome? or Keeper failure syndrome?

    I have decided to document my journey with my little baby sulcata, who we are currently calling Pip. (by currently I mean we are using it as a place holder name until we know "his" gender) I ordered him from Backwater Reptiles (mistake number 1) and he arrived on Febuary 12th. It has been...
  13. Usamah

    Advice on incubating leopard tortoise eggs

    I am looking for advice regarding incubating leopard tortoise eggs. What incubator should I get? What temperature is optimal to produce more females? How should I go about incubating the eggs?
  14. BurtTheTortoise

    ADVICE NEEDED: 7 month old RF hides all day

    Hi all, I need some words of wisdom as to why my tort spends all of its day burrowed in sphagnum moss. Humidity is consistently above 80%, the warm side of its enclosure is in the mid 80's, cool side is in the low 70's. I do use a mercury bulb (which I've heard aren't the best) but for our...
  15. George the Turtle

    New Tortoise Owner Help!

    I just became a tortoise Mom a week ago, after rescuing a "3 toe box tortoise" from being run over in the middle of a busy street! (please excuse me if I am wrong, very new to pet tortoises) I did some research on him, and do know that it is male because of his yellow spots on neck and arms, as...
  16. tortoisekev

    May I introduce... Kevin (comments and questions welcome!)

    For the last 2 years I have wanted and researched getting a tortoise, and finally the week has arrived! We will collect Kevin this week and I'll introduce him properly then... for now here's some questions, info and pictures! Kevin is a 2.5 year old Hermann's Tortoise, bred in the UK by a local...
  17. Sandy Murrieta

    Re-homing back to California, Advise... Please

    Hello, I'm going to give a little back ground so you understand my situation. Last August, 2017. My patents moved from Norwalk, CA to Missouri. They have a California desert tortious. Unsure of his age, he's about 12 inches, maybe more. I do know my mother raised him from a hatchling. A client...
  18. Smith4mj

    Hi all!

    I'm still in the research phase. I've read enough to make my head spin! After a couple of years of debate, we have decided we will get a tortoise. I'm trying to decide what species to get. At first, we really thought a red foot was the way to go, but with our long cold winters, it would spend...