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Jul 14, 2017
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Hi, it's been a while since I've posted on this forum but recently my 4-year-old leopard tortoise escaped from his outdoor enclosure. He was last seen by a neighbor in their yard yesterday afternoon when he initially escaped but I have not been able to locate him since that appearance. My biggest concern right now is that went into the very heavily wooded area behind my house which roughly spans around an acre size. I've searched and flipped through his entire enclosure to no avail and now am, unfortunately, quite positive he went into the woods. I've searched with my family all throughout yesterday and this morning, posted flyers in the neighborhood, personally spoke with nearby neighbors, called local vets and even the police station, as well as made an announcement/post on nextdoor app. I'm really at my wits end on how to find him...

I'm continuing my search with some people today but would really appreciate any advice or suggestions on finding him. I've also been trying to leave out some mazuri for him as bait but i'm not sure how effective that'll be.


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Sep 6, 2011
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Chicago, Illinois, USA
Look for him early in the morning when the sun first comes out. He will want to bask.
During the hottest part of the day he will be hidden in the shade under bushes etc
In the evening when the sun starts to set he will be out again eating.
So morning and evening look for him being out. Hottest part of the day look under everything.
Don't stop looking. Even months later they have been found.
Sounds like everything else has been covered
Good luck


Jun 4, 2021
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Curious - how far did your Leopard go in the few days he/she was missing?
Did you figure out how he escaped?
BTW - Great to hear you found your buddy!