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Apr 17, 2021
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Hello everyone! Thanks for all the feed back from my last post. After finding out I was doing a lot of things wrong I spent all day yesterday researching, watching YouTube videos, and reading threads on this forum. I now know I definitely need to upgrade Edison’s enclosure and soon. My dad offered me an old Guiana pig hutch that’s been sitting in his backyard. It’s not my ideal enclosure but I figured it could work for a little while I’m saving up to build his new one. Any tips on what I should do to modify it to better suit my 1 1/2 year old sulcata. Any and all advice is appreciated.


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Jul 8, 2017
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Well, it's not really big enough, but I suppose it could work for a few months.

It's going to take a lot of modifications! First, the upper hutch area has to come down to ground level, as no sully is able to climb a ramp that steep. It's going to need a solid bottom on it to hold substrate. And the entire enclosure needs to be closed in with walls and a cover.

I really think that by the time you basically rebuild this, you will have spent enough money that you could have bought something that would last you much longer and be easier to maintain and better for your tort.

Consider a grow tent. They work well, are easy to maintain, and when the tort outgrows it, you can use it to grow food for him all year long. He could probably live in this until he's big enough to live outside full time.

It gets turned on its side for tort use, so its height in the ad is actually its length for the tort. I believe it's better use of your money, IMO.