1. S

    Healthy enclosure decor

    Hi! Recently purchased a baby horsefield tortoise named Walter, i’m a first time owner and am hoping i can get some advice on what decor i can put in his enclosure to keep him active and happy :) what things should i avoid and what should i lean towards, any help would be appreciated!
  2. R

    Baby red foot diet advice!

    Hello everyone! I have a baby red foot that’s just a couple months old. I have been feeding him a wide variety of greens and fruits. But my questions is involving protein! I have been feeding him some hard boiled egg once a week or so. I want to offer other high quality proteins such as some...
  3. T

    Is my friends enclosure good?

    My friend has this russian tortoise that I'm babysitting and he put it in this tank and I think its 20 gallons. I feed it kale. and the bulbs are a zilla heat bulb and a zilla uvb coil bulb, the tortoise seems healthy but idk if this enclosure is ideal from what ive been reading and I want to...
  4. R

    Help! (Peeling on plastron)

    I have a young red footed tortoise that is approximately 3 months or so old. He’s roughly the size of a golf ball. When I got him I noticed these little skin like flaps on his belly but was told that it was normal from when he hatched. Can anyone tell me if there is anything I should do about...
  5. R

    Plant advice for young Redfoot

    Hey everyone! I have young red foot named Morty that is approximately 2-3 inches and is a few months old. I have the little guy living in 3x5x16 tortoise table that my wife and I built. I want to add a plant or two to help maintain humidity and to make it more enjoyable for Morty. The tortoise...
  6. M

    General Advice

    Hi I'm brand new to owning tortoises and my first tortoise is a baby russian/horsefield tortoise named Albus. I bought him very recently I seem to spend a lot of time worrying about him and whether I'm doing the right thing. At the moment his enclosure is 90cm X 50cm which is a little small but...
  7. C

    Personality between tortoise breeds

    Hi everyone! I’m trying to soak up as much information as I can before taking the plunge to my new lifelong (hopefully!) friend. One area I’m having trouble finding info on is the personality comparisons between the small to medium sized tortoise breeds! I understand each tortoise is different...
  8. A

    New here! I’m getting a leopard or red foot, I have questions!

    Hey everyone, I’m about to finally get my tortoise! I have never had a tortoise before and I need some help. I’ve had many species of reptiles and amphibians, but caring for those are a bit different. I was looking to get a red foot hatchling or a leopard hatchling. I live in Illinois so the...
  9. B

    Any general advice?

    Hello, I have recently taken on 2 Marginated tortoises and I was wondering if anyone has any advice? One is slightly bigger than the other (7 inches and 8.5 inches) and both males however I do not know the age. They both have indentations on the underside of their shell, is this normal...
  10. E

    I think im doing everything wrong with my suclatas please help

    Ok so I got two sulcata for 3 years now, They are about 4 years old now, They were together in a glass tank of 40 gallons for about two years. 3-4 months ago I separated them because i saw one of them wasn't growing and the other one was growing bigger and bigger. The small one is living in a 10...
  11. A

    Poor Tort is Swollen (Advice?)

    good morning all. I’ve had my little Russian box tortoise Torti for 17 years. She’s never had any health problems, and under my care has access to UVB light, a Spring mix diet, regular soaking, supplements, and access to roaming a desert backyard. Yesterday morning, she was in good health but in...
  12. M

    Please help, very sick and weak tortoise

    Hello. On thursday i tried to wake up my 17 yo herman tortoise from her winter nap, today is saturday, evening and she went to a general vet on thursday who gave baytrill liquid and eyedrops for everyday use. Her symptoms havent changed and i am very worried and devastated Eyes swollen shut...
  13. A

    Lettuce with nutrient powders?

    Hey everyone, So I've had my tortoise for about 3 years so far, a wonderful adult male Russian tortoise. Our vet has confirmed his great health, which I'm glad to hear. I know that feeding lettuce to tortoises is widely looked down upon, due to the low nutrient content. I always try to get him...
  14. R

    New and looking for suggestions

    Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca. I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. My family is looking into getting a Russian Tortoise. The breeder says the tort will be about 5 inches big when we get him/her. I have been researching Russian tortoises for awhile now. Our indoor enclosure will be 3 feet long...
  15. MPappagallo

    Newbie Needing Advice

    I am considerign adopting these two young sulcatas from someone that has only had them for about 4 months. He said they had some "shell disfiguration" when he received them, but that it hasn't seemed to affect them. He stated they are eating and seem to be healthy, but he realized he just...
  16. A

    Shell Growth or Damage???

    Hello! Is Terry's shell damaged or is this normal growth?
  17. B

    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    Hi guys! :) I'm new here and I don't have any tortoises (yet!). I have been doing my research for about half a year, but I want to as knowledgable as possible before bringing a tortoise into my life. Title of the thread explains it all really. What are some things that you wish you knew...
  18. C

    Help on a fireplace enclosure for a baby cherry head

    I've looked through the threads on enclosures for babies and they've been very helpful, but I have a bit of a unique idea in mind and I want to make sure this will work for my prospective tort. I live in a very old house in New Hampshire and I have a large blocked off brick fireplace that I...
  19. FelicityExotics

    Outdoor Enclosure Plans

    I won't need to build this for many years as Durda is only 7 months old, but I want all the plans set and ready so I don't have to struggle with it when the time comes. Here are my plans, what should I change or add? I want to have a pen that is approximately one of these sizes: either 12'x12'...
  20. Jessthemess

    I made a mistake and need your guys help

    hey everyone my name is Jessie and about 6 months ago my boyfriend and I jumped head first into being new tortoise owners. We made an extremely rash decision and bought two tortoises from a shady at best exotic pet store. One of them is a lovley Russian named wrinkles that I am estimating to be...