1. R

    Hermann Tortoise Diet!

    Hello! I wanted to ask, if all ingredients in this product are safe for Hermann Tortoises, as I am a bit concerned about the fish. Thank you
  2. T

    Sick Sulcata - Needing Help Fast

    Hello, We are new here, but are needing some help with our baby sulcata tortoise who isn't doing well. My boyfriend and I purchased a tortoise, who is named Rocky, in May of this year, and was told that he was 8 weeks old (making him 4 months old now), and he seemed to be doing fine up until...
  3. P

    Help! Feeding oral medication to a head shy Sulcata

    Hi all, My tortoise Abe has come down with the snifflies. The vet went through a general environment check with me and cannot determine anything particular that strikes as causing the runny nose. He is in good spirits and eats well and went for a good run around in the vet office too. But he...
  4. KirbyInKent

    Help Please

    Hello, I am a fairly new tortoise owner, I adopted Otis (then Marjorie) roughly 2 years ago, he is a 26 (est.?) year old marginated male tortoise. Last year he did not hibernate as he had a respiratory infection and was unsafe to do so, but this year he had a successful hibernation! He has...
  5. H

    Help please! (What kind of tortoise is this?)

    I found this tortoise and plan on keeping it I have no clue what kind of tortoise it is looks like a sulcata or desert just not sure I want to buy it proper food and adequate housing.
  6. fourtorts

    Welcome to the world! Hatchling question

    Hi! Yolk sac question here: All our babies have hatched, and are doing very well. Keeping it humid, soaking and they are all eating and moving around and exploring. These two were born a bit more slowly and have a some yolk sac that has been slowly absorbed during the past several days. How are...
  7. A

    Brand new tort owner here..!

    Hello..! I am brand new at tort keeping! I feed fresh greens every day - but I’ve heard im meant to give two starve days. I can’t go and forage at the moment. He seems happy and active and I let him have free roam in the living room (I don’t have an adequate safe space for him in the garden yet)...
  8. N

    What should I feed my tortoise?

    I recently got a 2 year old Hermann's tortoise and was wondering what their varied diet should consist of. I have been feeding it a mix of lettuce, kale, cucumber, zucchini and bok choy and just found out that bok choy and zucchini aren't good for my tortoise. What are some things I should feed...
  9. LoriR

    Hello from Steve the Russian tortoise

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on this forum for months, and am finally going to introduce myself. I'm Lori, and I have a 5-month-old Russian named Steve. Her hatch date was July 10 2021, from Tortstork-I got her when she was about 2 months old. She's most likely female as she was incubated at...
  10. J

    Tortoise food

    Hi all! Just want to start by saying thank you for making me feel so welcome here, your information is going to be invaluable. I take everything I learn from you all on board and I’m bound to make mistakes, but I welcome any advice! SO my question is, when you guys are getting your broadleaf...
  11. N

    Blind res won’t eat HELP

    I just got her she’s 1 inch 1/8 and she won’t eat I put my hand in front of her face and shake it all crazy and she doesn’t even notice I’m pretty sure shes Blind, constantly running into things and filter , but she won’t eat I’ve tried hand feeding and only got her to eat one shrimp any ADVICE ?
  12. T

    Searching for Sulcata help

    Hey y’all, My name is Tyler, and I am a fairly avid reptile keeper, but a first time Sulcata owner. I have had my current Sulcata (Bruce) for just under a year. I got him in October of 2020, when he was 4 months old. I know all Sulcatas grow differently, but Bruce and his lack of growth is...
  13. Sploogd

    Age estimate and shell care?

    Hi everyone this is my tortoise Anastasia. Can anyone tell me what age she is? I’m guessing 6-ish? And is the white marks on her shell shell rot. I got her in may. she’s on a diet of kale and various vegetables if that helps.
  14. M

    Help Male or female

    Hello Guys, This is my greek tortoise, I got it from my grandma last year but I still can’t figure out if its male or female. I’ve been told it’s a female because of it’s tail but then I found something coming out of it and some people said it’s his penis so it’s a male and the other said it’s...
  15. agnes&theo

    acquaintance's tortoise looks bad ... thoughts?

    A recent acquaintance got a Russian tortoise from a pet store on a whim (yeah) two months ago. No idea the age, though not a hatchling. The tortoise has been inside a 50-gallon tank with a UVB and fed romaine, bok choy, and kale (we already had a chat about improving the nutrition). But her...
  16. snailpeekoutofshell

    Safe to feed plants grown with hydroponic nutrients?

    I'm having A LOT of trouble growing a garden for my Russian to eat... It's been very hot the past month or so, and my plants are suffering for it. Almost everything I started growing a couple months ago is dead, with a few weeds holding strong. I'm about to start growing them indoors and moving...
  17. Mizena01

    Advice please

    Hi everyone, Could you please all offer advice… this evening I found what I thought was our little tort choking on a long piece of green leaf, which seemed to be caught in her mouth and throat. I immediately panicked, and seeing she was trying to hook at it with her arm, I jumped to help and...
  18. M

    Rehome three toe box turtle

    So within the last few years my neighborhood and general region in the north Houston area has undergone quite a bit of development. Recently we have been running into the issue of turtles and tortoises becoming displaced. Normally when a red ear slider or another aquatic turtle is found it just...
  19. Toasty096

    Shell rot

  20. D

    Tortoise Help - Is my tortoise sick?

    Hi guys! So i have a tortoise that lives in my garden ( soil there is no grass atm) Anyways my tortoise is active and very fast! but recently (4 days ago) she started sleeping for too long! like a day and half at the same spot, while sleeping her head isn’t completely inside. In the last two...