eye problem

  1. P

    Testudo Tortoise Identification Help!!! (Question about diet and eye as well)

    Hello! I recently purchased this testudo tortoise from pet smart! No information on the age, sex, or specific species, besides testudo genus. I’m a new tortoise owner and was wondering if anyone was able to tell what exact species of testudo tortoise this is? I also wondering if anyone could...
  2. C

    Something is wrong with my tortoises eyes

    I noticed something wrong with my Cherry Heads eyes when I took him out for his soak this afternoon. Any thoughts / suggestions? The enclosure is 87 on the basking side with 27% humidity. The cool side is 77 with 55% humidity. He has a large hide, eats pellets, carrots, dandelion greens...
  3. TacoTheRussianTortoise

    Red eye crust on russian tortoise

    My mom and I are really worried about our 3 yo Russian Tortoise, Taco. This morning I got up to go and feed her and she acted normally, but then i noticed this red crusty thing on her eye. Here are a few pictures: I really have no idea what it is, but I feel like she knows it's there and it's...
  4. N

    Tortoise eye looks weird - please help!

    Hi guys, I’m a very new tort owner and don’t know what to do. I noticed my tort’s eye has sort of shifted to the left?? Last night he couldn’t seem to open it after napping also. I’ve attached pics to compare the normal eye to the weird one. I don’t know what to do:( thank you x
  5. D

    Baby Sulcata Left Eye Problem

    Hey all! Just got a baby sulcata last Sunday. I took him out in our garden to graze on some grass this morning. He was energetic and loved walking around the place. Now, I noticed that it's left eye is not opening up as well as the right eye after it took a nap. Sometimes the right eye is...
  6. Mizena01

    Near Eye Injury?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help. I noticed today our 6 year old Herman Tortoise (called Turtle or T-man!) had a bump next to his right eye, please see photos. It appeared at some point over the last day it would seem. It doesn’t seem to be causing any discomfort or pain to him...
  7. zackary2431

    Tortoise eyes

    So I had purchased this beautiful star tortoise from a website and just got him a few days ago , I’m very concerned with his eye lids, all though There always open, and he eats with no problems, I’m just concerned with his eye lids ! He does sleep a lot but I’m assuming that’s normal for him...
  8. theo_piron

    My baby redfoot has a cloudy eye

    Hello friends, on the 12th of february a single baby redfoot tortoise born on one of my enclosures, he looked well and i put him in a separate space from his parents as they could hurt im somehow, he was botn with a closed nostril wich i easily opened cautiously with a toothbrush, but the next...
  9. trey329

    My tortoises right eye looks strange

    Hi, my sulcata tortoise, 6 month old, has an odd right eye which I noticed today. His both eyes were fine when I checked him up last month. Anyone knows what the problem is? His left eye looks normal.
  10. L

    PLEASE HELP!! (eye problem)

    ???? I have a question about my tortoise he was taking a bath and was splashing a lot when I took him out I noticed his eyelids came out like when they wake up it’s pink ish from the water hitting his eyes too much 1 went back to normal but the other didn’t and it’s bugging him because he keeps...
  11. Unique Username

    Red eye russian

    Have a male russian tortoise in my creep with some red in his eye and was wondering what everyone thought. Just trimmed his beak with a dremel so some dust might have gotten in there and caused the nictitating membrane to inflame, or it might be a blood vessel popping.
  12. T

    Hermann’s tortoise eye problem

    Hey everyone , so I have a one year old Hermanns tortoise who may be having trouble with one eye. Her right eye seems to be fine as you can see from the second and third pics , but her left eye has a white border around it and when she blinks it looks kind of painful the 4th image shows exactly...
  13. R

    Eyes shut

    Hi my name is Rhiannon and I have a 4year old horsefield named Clyde and have been having some issues with his health for the past few months now. A few months ago I began to notice that he was not as active as he would usually be and as the weeks went on I noticed he wasn’t eating a great deal...
  14. kng_momo

    Eye swollen

    I have a Russian tortoise and I’ve had him for a couple weeks. This is my first time having a tortoise and I’ve read a lot on how to take care but I just need more help. One of his eyes is swollen on the bottom and it’s been closed for the past couple days, I’ve washed it with warm water when I...
  15. Seth Heitzenrater

    Is Code 3 ok? Look at his eyes.

    We are in Santa Cruz, ca near the coast. His eye has a layer of stuff around it. Any implications or things to watch out for?
  16. T

    Hatchling cant open his right eye

    Hello, last week I found a tortoise hatchling and at the begining he couldnt open his eyes, I tought it was normal for new born tortoise, but after a week he hasnt opened his right eye. I bath him almost everyday with warm water and the other eye I tried to help him open it with a ear cleaner...
  17. X

    Growth on nictitating membrane on red footed

    Hi everyone! I have a rescued red footed tortoise, Happiness. I just discovered a growth in what I believe is her nictitating membrane. I hadn't been able to see her in a number of days and her other caretaker human tends to miss things, so I'm not sure when or how it appeared. Initially I...
  18. A

    Russian Tortoise puffy eye and lethargic

    Hello! For the past week Terry has been moving more slowly and seems less interested in his food. I went to feed him by hand just now and it looks like his eye might be puffy? I have a picture of his puffy eye and his normal eye for reference. Should I take him to a vet? Would a home remedy...
  19. K

    RFT really need help with eye problem, and diet problems

    Hello everyone, I had my RFT baby since August 11, from 10 gallon tank move to 2x2x4 big close chamber enclosure. He/she been not active, afraid of light, does not eat much, close eyes most time. He/she is been not active for 2 months, he/she sleep in corner, water bowl, even under UVB. He/she...
  20. Sheldonsspot

    What is wrong with my Russian tortoise?

    I got a Russian tortoise online almost 3 months ago. The breeder obviously neglected him because when he arrived, his shell is covered in different dents and scratches from what I can only assume was a bad environment. Anyways, everything was going smoothly until about a week after I got him he...