1. tazpjm

    White tail tip

    Hello, I noticed that my tortoise had a white tail tip when I was bathing her. I'm not sure if it's a wound or a fungal infection. She's not acting weird or anything, she seems normal. Please help.
  2. tazpjm

    Travelling tortoise

    Hello, I'm going to go away for a month this December and I dont know whether or not I should bring my tortoise. Where I'm going is cold and I worry about her neing sick, but I also cant find a pet hotel or a babysitter. Is there anything I can do?
  3. tazpjm

    unknown species

    This is my 2 year old tortoise and i have been really confused as to what species, I cant tell if shes a Tunisian, Egyptian, or Hermann's tortoise.
  4. M

    Tortoise Breeders in Ontario?

    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knows of a breeder that sells in Canada? I am currently looking for either a Greek, Russian, or Egyptian Tortoise. Also what is the general price that I would be looking at for each? Thanks in advance!
  5. Glosseryck

    Adopted tort keeps trying to escape.

    I adopted a fully grown Greek male a couple of months ago. He's never been able to look outside of his current enclosure, but since his previous owners just let him walk around in the house, he knows that there's an outside world. He spends all of his days trying to look our of the enclosure...
  6. L

    Where To Buy A Greek?

    I wanna buy a well-started Ibera Greek tortoise but I don't know where to get one. There aren't any local places that I know of so if there are any breeders on here I could talk to or good websites anyone knows it would be appreciated.
  7. L

    Beginner In Need Of Advice (getting another tortoise)

    Last year I got a baby Greek Tortoise and everything necessary for him however, even after following everything I had read he still died. I still have the enclosure, substrate, etc. so I wanna get another one but I would like to know if there's anything you think I should know beforehand? I'm...
  8. F

    Desperate to find help on my Greek after YEARS of false information

    Hi guys! So I am new to this, but recently was introduced to this site, and after looking through many posts I'm hoping I am able to get the help I need before my head explodes from being beyond overwhelmed. So to start off, I got my greek from someone I had gone to middle school with. This...
  9. J

    Rehoming Tortoise- Located in Maryland

    I couple of months ago I had found a tortoise on the side of the road almost getting run over. The tortoise is not native to Maryland or the east coast so I must have been a released pet. I figured she is either a 1.5 - 2 year old Greek or Sulcata Tortoise. She wasn't taken care of well, her...
  10. Cicitina

    Help, what species?!?

    I was given all information on Hermanns tortoises along with my little guy. After a couple weeks and reading on only Hermanns I’m just realizing now he is not a Hermanns! Is he marginated or greek?!? And how old would you estimate? (Please note I have child size hands)
  11. E

    Online Greek tort breeder recommendations?

    Hi! I am new to the forum, my name is Emily, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to get a Greek tortoise? Someone that will ship. Wanted to make sure I support a good breeder and also get a healthy one (juvenile). Thanks! *edited to say I am in the US
  12. Paulastortoisejourney

    Taking a Greek Hermann’s for walks

    Hi dear tort owners! I don’t own a tortoise yet, but I’ll be adopting a Greek Hermann’s in a few weeks/months. Is it okay to take your tortoise for walks? Won’t it be stressed out in a new environment or getting him out of his enclosure? I’d love to take him/her out on walks near the side...
  13. fallingmiles

    Greek? Russian? or??? And many other questions

    Hello, a tortoise was found in the parking lot of my wife work. Looks like she's had it a bit rough. She has damage to her shell, some missing toenails, but beyond that, she is very active and seems to be in good health. We believe she has been out in the wilds for a while now. Here are my...
  14. georgeamis

    Spur-thighed Greek and Marginated

    I have had a spur-thighed greek tortoise (Noah) since October 2018, and he is lovely! I am considering getting another tortoise, I have read up on and researched the extra space and other considerations needed when introducing two tortoises. My question is, can Noah be joined by a marginated...
  15. AllieKat1997

    Hello From Missouri

    Well, technically I’ve been here for awhile, but I never introduced myself or my tortoise, Lumos. I’ve been passionate about animals all my life but box turtles were always my favorite, and after years and years of hunting the woods for them, and years and years of adoring them, I said screw...
  16. Arielle.shull

    Looking to adopt tortoises near Greenville, SC.

    Hey y'all. Looking for tortoises to adopt. Must be friendly. I have a huge fenced in back yard and heated homes for the summer months, and I have a tortoise room for the cooler months. These tortoises will be spoiled!!! I'm looking more for leopards or smaller, but looking to adopt many.
  17. M

    Greek tortoise diarrhea for weeks

    I have had a young greek tortoise for about three weeks and all of that time he is having diarrhea. No matter what I feed him it just wont go away. Most of the days I am feeding him rocket, lamb's lettuce, salad mix, sunflower shoots. I have also tried cat grass but he seems not to like it. I...
  18. rachmodawg

    LONG BUT NEED HELP! Mediterranean Tortoise...winter in NY?? Thoughts from experts??

    Hello! I am very inconsistent with my posting, but you are all so helpful when I have a concern, and I couldn't be more grateful. For background, I have a 1 year old Jordanian Greek named Sgt. Pepper. He is the light of my life, he lives in my living room (forcefully) so my whole family can see...
  19. kevvmic

    Trouble with food!!!

    Hi all, this is my first post here :D So I have 2 tortoises, one is around 34 years old an another greek tortoise that is 20 months old now. The elder one eats everything, but the youngest one is only eating lettuce. I tried carrots and tomatoes without any success, she just doesn't eat, than...
  20. P

    Squeaky Greek :(

    Hello, my baby Greek has started to squeak, at first I thought the worst and assumed RI so rushed him down the vet for a course of antibiotics now I'm not so sure. He only seems to start squeaking after he has eaten (and he does love to eat) I thought he might be chocking at first as he also...